Check Out My Rack! My DIY Necklace Rack that is!!!

OK, OK the only “rack” pics are the ones below! I needed to get organized. My old system of “organizing” jewelry was to throw it in a box. Then as I needed it, I would pull it out, to pull out 15 other tangled necklaces, attached by earrings, and a few other misc dangling items…then I would say screw it and go without. So I needed a better system. Looking around at jewelry trees, boxes, etc, everything was too small, too dainty or cutesy. So I headed off to IKEA with an idea and hoped it would work.



I picked up Grundal rod- $9.99 and 2 packages of S hooks, $1.99 for 20 per package. Some drywall anchors and screws using my drill and got to work! Level the Rod, mark the holes and hang. The S hooks are a tad tight but that works for me. That way my 6 year old son can’t slide the hooks up and down the rod 😉



Et voila! Crushed it!

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