Body of the Week- Apple Shaped Beauties

Ladies dressing for your body type means you are highlighting your best assests and taking the focus off other areas that are not your favourite, while creating a body line that is in proportion, which is most pleasing to the eye. Humans desire symmetry- we are genetically programmed to desire it.

Unsure as to what type you have? There are 4 universal types (and many variations of each type) but generally speaking there are 4 main shapes- apple, pear, hourglass, and ruler (banana)- now there are tall, petite, plus size and athletic verisions as well, but let’s focus on the 4 main types for our purposes today. A study of the shapes of over 6,000 women, carried out by researchers at the North Carolina State University circa 2005, found that 46% were banana (rectangular), just over 20% pear, just under 14% apple, and 8% hourglass. Today we are focusing on dressing our lovely apple shaped ladies!

Here are some other characteristics of the apple-shaped body:
•Wide torso
•Broad shoulders
•An average-to-fuller bust
•An undefined waist
•Thinner arms and legs
•A flat bottom
•Hips that are narrower than your bust
•You don’t have to have a very large belly to be apple shaped — it just means that your center of gravity, or your extra weight, resides in your belly area.

Body types are inheritied just like your hair and eye colour and no matter what you do, unless massive amounts of steriods or plastic surgery are involved, you will always the same body type-just larger or smaller versions of it. Each are beautiful in their own right and yes, we all have things we are not overly pleased with, but dressing to suit your shape can bring the focus to the best of you.


– Go bohemian with tops/dresses- just make sure they float away from body under bustline- EMPIRE WAISTLINES my Queen!
– Draw attention to your fab ta-ta’s! Highlight your bust- no need for necklaces or busy patterns- skip the adornments and wear a simple v-neck. plunging necklines, and scoop necks
– GAMS! Ladies you usually posses super smokin legs. Wear minis, shorts and heels
– A shirt or dress that has a tie at the waist will also help add definition to your figure
– Your tops should fall lower than your hip bones
– You can wear a long flowing top that falls below your bottom, like a tunic shirt
– Choose a top with pretty shoulder details, like sequins or flowers
– Bias cut or an A-line, or flatter your figure with a full circle skirt
– Jackets with nipped in waist for structure
– Pants with back pockets- emphasize your booty
– Denim- trouser cut, flared, wide-legs, or boot cut.

– Avoid low rise shorts or pants- only draws attention to belly
– High-cut shirts- turtlenecks are a no go!
– Crop tops
– Thick belts
– Clingy fabrics or boxy fabrics that lack definition
– If doing a skinny jean use a lighter wash or coloured denim to add dimension to legs
– Avoid skirts that are tight around the waist or which fall at your natural waist

Apple Beauties! I picked out a casual weekend look that is affordable and adorbs (under $130 for ALL items!) just for your body shape at #OldNavy and items are from spring line, so should be in a local store near you or on the web….check it out! It works beacuse the skinny pants are army green with back pockets, a sweatshirt with a muted print with a slight scoop neck, that floats away from the body, the jacket provides structure and the dark colour helps to minimize the wasitline. The scarf pulls the eye vertically and a sparkle flat bring texture and shine to the outfit.









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