Hey Ballerinas! Rectangle Body Shapes are long and lean.


Are you a ballerina? I bet you’ve been asked that, if you are rectangle body shape. Rejoice in your body, talk about long lines! Guess what MOST women are rectangles (over 40%), the problem with rectangles is when you gain weight your body can take on the appearance of another body type eg. Apple, sometimes it is hard to tell. Measure and look at your shoulder and hip widths to know forsure

How to tell if you are a rectangle? You are well proportioned- waist, hip and shoulder are same width, slim limbs and small hips. You can easily look naturally athletic, a little boyish in frame, and tend to have a regular sized or small bust. Well-endowed rectangles do exist but are not as common- most rectangles with large bust lines are cosmetically enhanced. You are probably the easiest to dress of all the body types.
Defining your waistline, show off your gams and slim arms – your top priority is to create curves!

• Long neck and small chest? Choose higher necklines- shirts with bust ruffles, ruching, etc…
• Bring that sexy back- back! Show off back, arms and shoulders as an alternative to cleavage.
• Larger chest? Try a V-necks, boat necks, button downs, sweetheart necks, scoop necks and wrap tops.
• Medium width belt try blousoning a blouse with a belt to create shape
• Straight sheath dresses and shirt dresses but look equally good in bias cuts.
• Wear a tight pencil skirt to create curves.
• Your body was made for jeans! Especially skinny ones
• Want a more fashion forward look-high-waisted harem pants, slouchy wide-hipped looks that taper at the leg.
• A-line skirts
• If you have a short leg line, add heels and you’re good to go.

• Wear overwhelming styles
• Wear large belts- especially if you are short waisted


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