“I think my 12-year-old is taller than you!


That’s when those under 5’3 loose it and grab a fork to try to stab the dumbass who said that in the eye. I’ve got your back my petite ladies! I’ve got some ideas for you to make the most of your best attributes and get people to stop focusing so much on your height.

Can’t find clothes that “fit”….well you are not alone in that. EVERYONE struggles to find the right fit. I do agree petites can have a tougher time as not only do they need pant hemming but sleeve hemming to rise of pants can also be issues. Looking polished and professional can be challenging when everyone is patting you on the head and telling you how ‘cute’ you are because of your diminutive size. Cheer up my vertically challenged friends; I have a few suggestions that might help.

First of all, Ladies, please accept your height….if you are over 20 years old, this is it. And you are likely only going to get shorter later in life. Deal with it and FIND A GOOD TAILOR!!! A good tailor can make you look like a million bucks and not like you are playing dress up in Mommy’s clothes. This is the most important thing you can do to look polished. The tailor can work with you, explaining what alterations are worth the investment and what aren’t based on the garment. Keep all your receipts, if the tailor can’t make it fit like a glove….return it.

Petites come in all body types as well, so be aware of your proportions but pay close attention to what you can fix through tailoring and what is not worth the price of tailoring. Generally speaking if the rise of the pants is good, e.g. the waist is not up under you armpits, tailoring the hem, no biggie. But if the rise is wrong, don’t bother altering the rise and waist unless you love the pants and can’t live without them, the cost of those alterations too expensive to have to rework the whole pant.

Shopping in petite department…based on my limited anecdotal observations, the petites sections seem to be designed for Grandmas who love poly-blend blouses, well in Canada at least. Good lord, what a bunch of crap. Come on designers there are plenty of women consider petites who would LOVE to pick up a blazer, without sloping shoulders, too long sleeves and have a supposed hip length blazers that hit mid-thigh. If you are shorter and are blessed with a low BMI and smaller bust line, consider picking up you blazers in the boys departments (size 12-14) of Brooks Brothers or Zara…..they have cute styles that will fit!

• Show off your gams! Buy skirts (or hem them) an inch above knee length
• Colour! One colour H2T visually pulls eye vertically giving illusion of height
• Mid-calf boots- they elongate leg
• Heels- no Lady Gaga 9 inch heels please…a pointy toe nude pump 2 inch heels is perfect for long legs
• Accessories! Scarfs, earrings and statement or bib style necklace pull attention to your beautiful face
• Mid-size bags- cross body’s look chic and are size appropriate
• Skinny, slim or straight cut jeans keep you looking long and lean

• Just say NO to parkas- or any oversize….anything. Unless you want to look 5.
• Large handbags or totes- again only drawing attention to your size
• No large belts
• No boot cut jeans

Check out these lines….
• Allison Izu-allisonizu.com
• Joe’s Jeans- The Provocateur Cut
• Paige Premium Denim
• J Crew
• H&M- no petite line but cuts on small size
• BCBG- no petite line, pants long, but petite friendly

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