Baby Skin Review


There’s plenty of buzz around this product, I got the last one off the shelf at local drug store. I was excited to try it and I have used for over a week now.

I have extremely oily skin, which is why I really don’t have wrinkles but I am forever in search of a good primer and foundation that will control my oil for longer than 3 hours…believe me, I tried it all and have used everything from $50-60 primers and foundations to bargain drugstore brands. Just when I find as something that works, it gets discontinued, it is beyond frustrating.

I had great hope for this product, it was $6.99 on sale, the price could not be beat. I ran out of my Benefit Porefessional and heard this was a dupe, and bonus…it was under $10! Sold!

It has a greasier consistency than BPF and goes on a little like Vaseline. So straight off, I had concerns about looking too slick. I tried putting it on, immediately applying foundation- it did ‘blur pores’ but got greasy within an hour, then tried applying about 5 mins before foundation, allowing it to set- still greasy within an hour and 1/2…better but still not great.

Sad to say, it is too greasy for my skin type. Maybe they will come out with an oily skin formula, who knows! I suspect the hype is coming from normal to dry skin types, so if you have those types of skin, I would say give it a try- you only will lose $7.00 if it doesn’t work. It’s a D for me. If it worked for you, leave your comments, I’d love to hear them!

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