3 Everyday Household Products with Great Beauty Benefits

Coconut Oil, Lemon Juice and Baking Soda…oh my! Three fantastic beauty treatments to try.

Full disclosure, I am not one of those people who is all organic and holistic; in fact I am more likely to buy the best product- period. Sulfates n’ all. Of course, I try to keep up with the latest studies on what we should all stay away from, I always look up the initial research- don’t take the website’s advice verbatim. I try to make an informed decision but honestly life is too short to live in fear of getting disease from your shampoo.

Maybe it is because I work with cancer patients, everyday…and it can happen to anybody- from a 2 year old “healthy” child to a holistic, all organic eating, marathon runners to 2 pack a day smokers- cancer knows no bounds and it just happens sometimes. It’s brutal, but true.

So live your life, try to be healthy in your approach to life as often as you can but LIVE your life- no one is promised tomorrow- and if that means beauty products with perfumes and dyes so be it…if it makes you feel and look good great…and if you reduce risks elsewhere in life, it all balances out. Yes, we should all minimize whatever risks we can to be healthy, but I take a more pragmatic approach and that means- what works best, what’s affordable and if it happens to be natural, holistic or organic- sans parabens…yey!

Whew! All that said here’s 3 products you may have in your kitchen that can be used to replace or supplement your existing beauty regimen, they are cheap, fab and natural!

Organic Coconut Oil- I use this for everything! From eye make-up removal, hot oil hair treatment, instead of body lotion, lip balm for my 6 year old who has a fear of “burning lippy” and the list goes on and on…I keep one jar in bathroom for beauty applications and one in the kitchen for baking and air-popped popcorn with sea salt.


Lemon Juice- mix equal parts lemon juice and water and use as a toner and/or exfoliant , it also minimizes age spots and scars.


Baking Soda- exfoliant- 3 parts BS to 1 part water- mix into paste for a cleansing scrub or use 1/2 cup in a hot bath- add some essential oils for scent, when you get out your body will be silky smooth.


And for extra bonus points, while I have never personally tried it, I have seen a recipe for whitening toothpaste and it is equal parts- coconut oil, lemon and baking soda! Who knew?

Give these a try, you might save a few dollars and save enough to buy all that organic fruit! 😉

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