How to look sun kissed SANS the sun!

UV rays are damaging and can cause premature aging…we have all heard it before. But I cannot tell I lie. I LOVE sunbathing- at the beach, at the pool, on a deck, even in a TANNING bed- quelle horreur!  I love everything about tanning, the relaxation, the smell of lotion in the air, and how I feel energized and happy (yay, vitamin D!). And of course I covet that bronzed goddess look…thanks Coco Chanel. I am a true former addict.

Hi, my name is Cassandra and I am a tanner.

Being older and wiser now, I know the damaging effects of the sun and try to a) accept my pasty, greenish hued skin b) limit sun exposure and wear SPF 50 or more c) use sunless tanner for a faux glow.

Today’s post is about creating that bronzed goddess look from a bottle without looking like an Oompa Loompa. It is easy to achieve a bronzed glow in as few simple steps:

1. Know your skin type- when selecting your lotion- if you are very fair, please a gradual tanner to slowly build the color. My skin is medium-olive so I use medium dark.

2. Shave and Exfoliate! This ensures a smooth canvas- I also put coconut oil on my elbows knees and feet, these are my dry patches.

3. Use gloves to apply. Use broad strokes. I do a 2 day process. Day 1 all over application. Day 2- places the sun would touch most- décolletage, tops of shoulders, front/back of legs, tops of arms, and I contour face with sponge.

4. Use a bronzer for shimmer- again on those areas touched by the sun, use a bronzer with shimmer. I use Hard Candy Glow All the Way.

Best self Tanners I have tried…
– Clarins- instant gel
-St. Tropez Mousse
-Loreal Sublime 360 spray
-Jergens Gradual Tan (winter)

I just picked up the Shoppers Drug Mart Baliea Glow Gel Self Tanner because I heard it was a great dupe for Clarins…and it is pretty close, one of the least smelly. And for $10 a steal!

Get your bronze on!


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