Plus Sized Beauties Dressed Best!



Regardless of your size or body type, at one time or another every woman has struggled to find that perfect outfit or dress but when you do feel like a million bucks! Finding that perfect dress can be a challenge – especially if you’re a plus-size woman due to a limited selection of items; while in the last few years there has been an improvement in the availability of fashions for women size 14+, it still can be difficult to find that amazing look you desire. Yet even with more options available, plus-size women still tend to make the same old mistakes because of the mistaken belief that they need to “hide the weight” or “look thinner” etc…LADIES YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, no matter what size. If you dress according to bod y type, pay attention to fit and only buy what makes you look amazing- you are on your way to creating a stylish wardrobe that makes you feel great! I have covered the main body types and suggestions for each one in previous posts. Figure out what body type you have, try this online body type calculator if you are unsure

Here are some dressing tips for plus size women…say hellllloooo GORGEOUS! Forget all those “old rules” and embrace colour, prints and patterns, with particular attention to fit and fabric. More structured pieces with a heavier density fabric look amazing on you- so grab that hot pink blazer and floral blouse, paired with a flat front navy trouser and nude pump and work it! There is so much more to a fashionable plus-size woman’s wardrobe than basic black!
So try on some colourful pieces and polka dots- give it a chance. Pick up things you wouldn’t normally consider. Experiment!
Do’s and Don’ts
• Do have fun with trends- Just because you wear a plus size, doesn’t mean you can’t follow any trends.
• Don’t buy something just because “it fits!” Make sure everything you bring home and put in your closet you love it- don’t waste your money .
• Do shop online. The world wide web is at your fingertips!
• Don’t forget the “regular” stores. Although not everything in a standard-size store will fit, sometimes you can find oversize or stretchy gems that will work perfectly well on your plus-size body.

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