Top 5 Get Ready Quick Tips

Getting ready in the morning is a chore for most of us, especially Mommies on the go! Here’s my top 5 ideas to look great in under 25 minutes!

1.Wash hair- night before, so it just needs to be styled after my morning shower. And I try to go 2-3 days between shampoos, to minimize damage, so I will pull hair up and just wash only bangs on day three, frees up time.

2. Get ready first- I purposely get up a half hour before my son, so I can have some “me” time and get ready uninteruppted- so much faster! Then I can get him up, fed, groomed, dressed and out the door in 20 minutes.

3. Get organized, night before. Pack lunches, lay out clothes, keep purse and keys near door- all expedite the morning process!

4. 5 minute face- keep masks up routine simple. Focus on eyes or lipsd, then keep the rest minimal.

5. Rise and Shine at same time- I still get up at 6:45 am every day. Keeps your circadian clock running like a well oiled machine!

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