Let the anti -aging begin!


I confess, even though I am 41 years old, I have never really used any anti aging products. I only started to moisturize a couple years ago. This is shocking to people, especially those who regimen started at 20.  Better late than never?

While my skincare routine is important because of my problem with oilness and blemishes, so mostly my products come from the acne section of the store…me and all the teenagers. Perhaps the reason I look slighter younger than 41 is because of my oily complexion???

I admit I have been lucky, I have genetics in my favour, Mom and Grandmother looked decades younger, but I think I have better start something cause this isn’t gonna last forever- aging is inevitable.

I am not fearful of getting old, I think it is a luxury to live a long life. I just want to always take proper care of myself to be the best me, at any age. I am not ready for Botox or fillers, I don’t want to alter my appearance, just take better care of my skin.

Because of my skin type, I am cautious about doing too much too soon…so I concentrated on adding a few products to my existing routine:

1. Retinol X Anti aging cleanser- night time
2. Night cream- Armand Institute
3.  Peter Thomas Roth- Instant Firm Temporary Face Tightener- Day

I will take a before and after pictures, sans makeup (in 6 weeks) with full review of products.

Wish me luck!

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