Stylish Men Wanted!


Boys, it’s time to become a man! Retire the holey shirts, leave the flip flops at the beach, ditch the ill-fitting, dated suit, and while some sneakers are having a fashion moment- tread lightly. The key to being well groomed, stylish gentlemen starts with putting some thought and effort into dressing each day. Once you know the basics to looking well put together, it’s easy. Let’s get started…

Swag-All eyes on you! Be the best looking man in any room, it all starts with confidence– just remember a little swag goes a long way, arrogance does not. Once you have cultivated that confidence you are ready to start to dress the part.


Define Your Style- There have never been more options for men in fashion than now. Have fun with it, first you need to develop your own style- your signature look that works with your lifestyle. Research celebrities who’s style you admire- try to find ones who have a similar frame to you and start from there. This will help narrow down what might possibly look good on your body type and a style you could lean towards- you gotta start somewhere!


Signature Look- Find your “look” and own it. Signature isn’t boring — you can have many different ways to interpret the same palette, such as different colors, different cuts and layers. More artistic chose bold colour palettes and patterns. More hipster? Grow a well groomed beard, glasses and some sweater/skinnies combos. Polished? signature look shows you know what you like and what you look great in — there’s nothing hotter and more gentlemanly than that.


Grooming- No need to be overly hetro (although there’s no shame in having your eyebrows groomed by an expert!) but take some time and invest in a good haircut don’t wait too long between cuts or, worse, over-doing product. Face look like an old catcher’s mitt? Sunscreen and moisturizer are essential. Look inside the bathroom of any man who gives a damn about how he looks and you will find tried and tested moisturizers, face scrubs, high-tech shaving gels, and body washes that leave him smelling precisely the way he wants to.


Cool n’ Casual- leave the basketball shorts to the gym and ditch anything with holes or stains. And always, always, always make sure your sneaker game is on point. Dirty shoes are a NO. Fitted T-shirts and a great pair of jeans are a must. There’s nothing sexier than a guy who wears his clothes — not the other way around. Make sure the shoulder seam of your shirt actually hits at your shoulder. Most guys tend to oversize on the tees. It doesn’t make you look good — it makes you look sloppy. So don’t look like a kid who doesn’t know how to buy his own clothes and actually try them on — it’s important.


Suit Up! Everyone looks better in a suit. It’s a fact. So invest in a great one — or two — and wear it when you’re ready to impress. A darker suit works year-round, while a lighter colour suit is perfect for warmer months. Pay attention to details- cuff links, belt and shoes that coordinate and mind your shoes- POLISH! Dirty shoes can make even the finest suit look bad. Polish shoes in regular rotation about once a week, because they’re quite literally a reflection of you.


Get a Tailor-No matter what your closet contains — luxe labels, fine fabrics, the newest trends — it doesn’t mean much without a flawless fit. And that piece of advice isn’t reserved for a custom collection of suits and sport coats. The same holds true for everything from off-the-rack trousers to $10 T-shirts. And there is only way to know if the cut is right: always try before you buy..Take your wardrobe seriously and you will look seriously good. Head to a tailor and get yourself sized correctly. This doesn’t mean you need to buy everything in one store — talk to the salespeople at your favorite stores to make sure you’re buying the right fit for your measurements. You’d be amazed at the difference a couple of inches can make.


Invest- When buying clothes, make it count. There’s no point in spending a ton of dinero only to have to replace your buys in a couple of months. Figure out your favorite brands and work on creating a full wardrobe of items that will keep you looking suave and put-together. For starters, you’ll definitely need a great pair of pants, a suit jacket, a couple of button-downs and a great pair of dress shoes. These will keep you looking sharp for years to come.

Coordinate- Colors should complement but never be matchy-matchy. In fact, feel free to experiment by contrasting colours in the most unexpected places — like a pair of pink socks with even the subtlest of suits.


Accessories- Every guy needs a great watch; don’t be afraid of other “man jewelry” like cuffs, rings and earrings. They can add edge to your look, but remember that less is more. Try sticking to one or two pieces at a time. All together now… “POCKET SQUARE”. It can really dress up a sport coat and jeans. Nothing ups your cool factor like a pair of great sunglasses. Just make sure to grab ones that fit your face. Try a great pair of aviators because they look good on just about anyone.

And if this little guy can do it, so can you!


You are on your way to looking hot and like a real man!

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  1. jbromcom says:

    Super stylin’ for sure. Good stuff!


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