#younique mascara worth the hype?


I recieved Younique mascara as a Christmas gift from my lovely girlfriend Melanie, and was pleasantly surprised by the results. My right eye is regular mascara and left is younique. Obviously, a noticeable difference.

The product is a 2 wand process- transplanting gel and fibers. It’s a bit tricky at first but I finally perfected the application on my 3rd try. Apply regular mascara to establish a base, then transplant gel- let it set for 30 sec or so then apply fibers, slowly, wiggle at base and work up the lash, then reapply gel in a curling motion. Then brush through with lash brush to seperate lashes. Voila!




I had seen many claims how great it is on IG but all those people are selling the product. I researched on makeupalley.com and saw mixed reviews. Overall it is great for evening, a bit much for daytime. I wouldn’t say it replaces false lashes as some claims but it does really work. If you already spend money on brand mascara give this a try!


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