#goldenglobes 5 best dressed!


Meow ladies! They were lookin’ hot! So many to choose from but the above ladies sole the show, and E News agrees with me!

1. NAOMI-  OMG, the buttery yellow is a fab colour for her and her matte red lips really helped to pop her baby blues. So beautiful!
2. KATE H- Is it just me or does she look the best EVER? Her Versace is painted on and when Jennifer Aniston feels you up on live tv…Damn girl, you look good. 
3. KATE B- Does she age? Seriously…always a stunner.
4. DIANE- So elegant, she oozes class and style
5. ALLISON- this lovely young thing is one to watch, she has chops. Love the red, not so class ball gown.

And special mention to my girl crush Sienna Miller….love her.

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