April Beauty Favourites!


April has been a hectic month; new job, Soccer Mom duty, Son’s Catholic sacrememts, birthday parties, travelling for work….blah, blah, blah….it’s been nuts. Sadly my beauty routine had to be streamlined to jam pack as much activity into each day, I tried a few new products to help me out. Here’s my favourites!

1. Laroche Posay Effaclar BBBlur- LOVE this! I switch to be creams for spring/summer and I love this. It is light to med coverage but it can be built up if you want, covers imperfections, mattifies, evens out tone and makes pores dissappear.

2. 180 Pro Damage Repair- Wow! It truly erased 2 years of damage to my hair and it was bouncy, shiny and soft for 2 days post wash.

3. BTZ Flat Iron Protect- 3 for 3! This protective spray leaves hair shiny and smells great.

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