#Vegas OOTD #DressPretty!


As my annual girls trip to #vegas rapidly approaches, I am compiling some cute outfits, and just had to share with all of you! This sweet look of crop top and full skirt is cute and sexy but not overtly.

You can’t swing your prada purse without hitting a girl in a too tight black bandage dress cut to the navel, who is wearing 7 inch platform stiletto- for the first time ever. I don’t what it is but in Vegas many ladies dress as provocatively as possible in order to feel sexy, garner attention or stand out. LADIES STOP! They say they would never be caught dead wearing the same at home but in Vegas, it ups the hooch ante. I say no, go the other direction, dress demure or cute- that’s what stands out. Leave the dressing hoochie to the professionals- literally. Dress pretty and really stand out 😗

Skirt- #express
Bag, shoes, and necklace- #aldo

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