Got the #winterfashionblues? Cheer up in this!


This time of year is tough to continue to look and feel fabulous; it’s cold and dark outside, you have worn out your fall/winter wardrobe, dry skin is reeking havoc on your complexion and if you are like me, maybe carrying a few extra pounds from Christmas. It can be hard to feel great in your clothes but I can tell you this, dressing up a little putting in a little extra effort and trying something pretty will pay off by lifting your spirit! Integrate some colour and pattern into your all black ensemble for some fun.

Give this a try, a little patterned skirt in spring colours with a black blouse and pumps can elevate an otherwise drab outfit up and look fun and cheerful!

Blouse- 1 State
Skirt- Ardene
Bag- Kate Spade
Shoes- Nine West
Bangles- The Bay

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