Pin Up Dress Up πŸ’‹

As a teen and in my early 20’s I struggled to accept my hourglass shape; I used to lament “if only I was born 1950’s! My hourglass body would be in style” -these were the days of 1990’s fashion, the waifs. 

Now, as an over 40 year old woman, I appreciate my curves and am thankful for them. And for you hourglass honeys out there, embrace your shape and dress FOR it. This full circle skirt is perfect for us, highlights our tiny waists and provides a bakenced look. The bright tomato red sleeveless top looks fab with it. Toss on some red lipstick and your transformation to pin up girl is complete πŸ’‹


  • Skirt- SP Simons
  • Shirt- Twik
  • Shoes- BCBG
  • Bag- Karl Lagerfeld 

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