On the Prowl 

I love leopard!! Ok, I know, I know….when you are over 40, cougar jokes inevitably ensue but I don’t care! Leopard is CLASSIC and yet actually very on trend this season. 

I got these pants for a steal, $12.00, from Old Navy.  They are a cropped wider leg dress pants. I like to go up a size when buying dress pants- too tight dress pants look awful and pull in all the wrong places. By going up a size, you get that coveted slouchy look and you actually look thinner. If the size on the tag makes you feel bad- so many of us are attached to being a “size”- cut it out and get on with it! 

A red shoe pops with leopard as a great contrast and a simple denim button down grounds the look. Throw on a brown moto jacket and red lipstick and you are good to go! 


  • Shirt- #Forever21
  • Pants- #oldnavy
  • Shoes- #vincecamuto
  • Bag- #ralphlauren 
  • Jewelry- #ardene

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