Last Blast of Winter OOTD

Well, nothing says March in Edmonton like SNOW ❄️ and lots of it. So what’s a girl to do when she is dying to dress in new spring looks but has to pull together an outfit for a blizzard instead…well faux fur is a good place to start. I got his cute beige/rose gold jacket at end of season thought I would save it until next year but opportunity knocks tonight! A jacket this bold and with lots of volume requires symmetry- so the outfit is all sleek all black sweater/dress and leggings. A pop of gold on the necklace pairs nicely with the gold piping in the bag. Cute wool hat to top it all off. Perfect winter look for a night out.


  • Faux fur jacket- #carolinabelle
  • Sweater- #cyrus
  • Leggings- #twik
  • Bag- #ralphlauren
  • Boots #ninewest
  • Hat- #ralphlauren


  1. V says:

    Wow, this is such a classy look!


    1. beautyblooms40 says:

      Thanks Say Hello to Gorgeous!! 💋


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