How Cassie Got Her Groove Back

The road back to the blog has been a long, windy one. Hi, I’m Cassandra- you can call me Cassie or Cass. My previous blog, “Beauty Blooms at 40”, was pure joy. It was geared towards the empowerment of ladies, primarily focused on fashion for those over 40. Yet it was truly inclusive and open to all ages, genders, and sizes. It felt great to express my creativity through the OOTD looks through creative writing. Engaging with a meager following on Instagram was fun and exciting. Not to mention getting to work one on one with clients- helping to overhaul closets, build capsule wardrobes, and help them feel amazing in clothes that fit not only their bodies but their unique vibes and lifestyles. It was a blast!

Then I was going through a divorce and the company I worked for was acquired, my son started playing more competitive hockey…. so life did what life inevitably does- it goes on. And my capacity for the blog/styling for clients was diminished both emotionally and from a time perspective. I took a few years off.

Now I am back baby! I have missed the creative outlet of crafting looks, writing, and self-expression, and of course- THE FASHION. Now as a busy, 48-year-old Mom with a demanding career finding time for hobbies or for self-care is always challenging. And here I am 5 years later in a great place- an awesome teen son, amazing fiancé, good place in my career, and now ready to take on some personal projects. My groove is officially back!

I flirted with the idea of getting back into blogging a couple years ago and…ugh, the COVID pandemic hit. All of my ideas of blogging sadly fell by the wayside- it seemed odd, quite frankly tone-deaf even, to be talking about OOTD’s and style during the early days of the pandemic when everyone’s lives were thrown into chaos and uncertainty. Not to mention, I spent all day in yoga pants and sweatshirts! Who was I to talk about fashion? I still do many days, as the work from home life requires comfort but I am feeling it’s time to dust off the cobwebs and stretch my fashion legs again. Want to join me on a journey back to style?

Let’s talk everyone- especially all you Mamas out there- Gen-Xers and Millennials. I am talking to you! First of all; how are you doing? What are you feeling these days? What are your struggles getting dressed each day? Lacking inspiration? Little COVID weight gain got you down? Do you feel like- what’s the point? Life has shifted to a much more casual approach, does your fashion reflect that? Feeling lost and without a fashion direction? Let’s unpack all of that and create some solutions to help you feel your best.

I am here to help- I will share ageless fashion that is fun and comfortable, for all. I am a proud Mid-Sized Queen who advocates for size inclusion for all- Petite 00’s Queens to our Plus Sized Queens, and everyone in between. No matter what size- I want you to feel like a million bucks in looks that will allow your inner beauty to shine! Let me spark some joy with inspiration that is eternally sassy stylish! Let’s go girls.

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