Hats off to you!

Let’s celebrate looking and feeling our best. It’s been a shit…year…2 years…who the hell knows at this point; it’s been a LONG time since I felt my best. How about you?

Well, I am tipping my hat off to you ma ‘lady you made it through another day and because you are one of a kind, you deserve to be celebrated and adored. So, I am suggesting a hat- I know, I know many of you think you look ridiculous in hats, I’ve heard it before. You are wrong. Hats create an air of mystery and frivolity- its playful and cute. Honestly, there are so many styles ONE will look great on you and take a humdrum outfit to spectacular in seconds. Pair a hat with a leopard print shoe- and yasssssss, you’ve got an impressionable outfit that makes you feel great and will turn heads!

Hats on ladies, you won’t regret it!

  • Hat- #juicy couture
  • Sweater- #selectedfemme
  • Blazer- #rachelzoe
  • Jeans- #levis
  • Shoes- #katespade
  • Bag- #toryburch
  • Belt- #kendalandkylie

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