Create a FUN Outfit!

Often times I’m asked- Cassie, where did you get that? That looks awesome, but I could never wear it. Or how do you put outfits together?

Getting dressed and building outfits- let alone a wardrobe, is overwhelming to many people. Many shop one piece at a time, picking things up singularly then confused about what to pair it with when they get home. Let me show you how to create fun outfits and mix single items into your wardrobe to create multiple looks.

When looking for an outfit or creating an outfit it helps to start with context, what is it for: athletic, casual, business casual, business, semi- formal, or formal occasion?

Next, I like to find an inspiration. It could be anything tangible- shoes, bag, top, bottom, accessories, hat etc. or sometimes it’s intangible- I see a picture somewhere in print or online, someone on the street, or even a movie. I like to piece outfits together from different places- this helps to create a unique look they no one will have but me.

If you are just getting started though- window shop mannequins in store, they can be a starting point- note of caution with this method mannequins are usually 6 feet tall and a size 0-2. If you happen to be the same size- great! If not- TRY IT ON. It will look different on a 5’4 size 8. It does give you an idea that is current and fresh though and might be enough to steer you in right direction.

Build around the inspiration piece- I love to pair a quirky piece- the dog sweater below with classics. As a 48 year old professional, I push fashion boundaries more in casual wear, like it or not how people perceive matters in business- best not to appear unhinged and wacky. But I still need to be authentically me so I try to add some fun elements to all outfits.

Lastly finishing pieces-layers. Layers are the easiest way to add visual interest to any outfit. So start with the base pieces, like a top and pants or dress and layer on from there. Add a coat, accessories, hat, bag and shoes. I added some sparkle and layering with the beret.

Focus on texture, pattern, shine, and colour. And try different things- contrast is key- styles, colours, or more formal with casual etc. Like the lug sole boots with a classic crossbody bag and femme sweater creates great contrast. The point is elevate that basic top and jeans. And shop your closet, repurpose items in new ways, I am purposely reusing items from previous post to show how pieces can interact in many styles. Not only is that a more easier on your wallet but environmentally sustainable.

Life is too short to wear boring clothes.

  • Sweater- #cupcakesandcashmere
  • Jeans- #Levis
  • Boots- #stevemadden
  • Bag- #marcjacobs
  • Hat- #winners

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