Apres All Day!

I grew up skiing- nearly everyday for a couple years while I lived up north. We had a ski hill within walking distance, it was magical! Night skiing after supper and all day long on weekends. A kids dream!

So I long to hit the slopes each year- but ski hills in Edmonton are not worth it. And mountains are hours away and require a free weekend. Which is why I only get out once or twice a season.

Here’s my nod to #skilife through fashion! Casual weekend fashion that is. I picked this cute sweatshirt up in Banff, AB last time we were there. For those who don’t ski- “apres ski” means the social activities and entertainment following a day’s skiing. In our family- we are blended- my son and I partake in skiing/snowboarding but the other half on my fiancé’s side do not. Truly they are more “apres all day” people 😉

Pulling together a casual cute look is easy whether you skied that day or not! I got this parka from Simon’s boxing week for a steal. Pair a cute oversized sweatshirt- I sized up to a large for this look to ensure it was sufficiently oversized. Grab some cute boots, pair of comfy jeans (yes GenY- I still wear skinny jeans) and a touque and you are all set. Enjoy your Saturday 🥰

  • Parka- #only
  • Jeans- #celebritypink
  • Sweatshirt- Bought in Banff
  • Boots- #Juniper

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