Life is Better in a Beret

I’m a girly girl, always have been, always will be. The earliest memories I have involve playing dress up- heels, makeup, trying on my grandmother’s and Mom’s dresses. Pair a hat with a dress= Cassie’s favourite look! Great for Valentine’s Day dinner out with hubby! ❤️

Now, reality check- I live in Alberta, where winter starts Oct 31 and ends typically April. So my opportunity to wear dresses is fairly limited, plus I rarely leave my house these days…but social media is fantasyland, so let me show you this adorable dress avec beret!

I got the chance to wear this once during meetings in Toronto back in the fall during the brief period of the province opening back up- albeit temporarily 😉 I paired it with closed toe suede boots and tights, which is an option here too. I bought these booties almost 2 years ago- NEVER WORN. I call all the items I purchased during pandemic lockdown “The Lost Clothes of COVID”. Anyway looks great with this dress!

  • Dress- #elizaj
  • Beret- #Simons
  • Purse- #torybirch
  • Shoes- #vincecamuto

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