Dress like a Lady

Anyone who knows me well, knows I LOVE DRESSES! I really do. ❤️ In the summer months it’s almost all I wear. I do find it more challenging in the winter since I live in the Arctic tundra. It’s more often than not it’s too cold even in tights. 😒

But this dress is stunning. I love fall/winter florals! I got it on sale at the Bay, it was the only one on the rack- it called to me. When I grabbed it and looked at size tag my heart sunk for a moment- size 12, way too big. Then I took a second look at it and it looked way smaller than a 12- checked the label and YES- IT’S UK SIZING!! So it’s a size 10, still too a little too big, but workable. I’m more of a 6/8. I took it to a tailor and she took in the back and waist a little- just a couple darts and viola! Custom fit! We left the bottom alone because it’s a voluminous circle skirt and looked great already.

If you see an item you love in a larger size- and you believe it can be altered/tailored, take it to a tailor (keep tags on, just in case) and see if it can be altered. If so, it will fit like a glove after! Then rip out the size label- it does not define you.

Moral of the story- ladies, clothes are meant to fit your body not the other way around. Many of us get stuck on a size (usually a smaller size you were at one point) and going up a size feels shameful or like you failed. This is diet culture conditioning. Don’t know what diet culture is- there are many educated, talented people out there speaking out on the harms of yo-yo trendy diets and size/fat shaming. Check out Abbey Sharp https://smart.bio/abbeyskitchen/ she’s awesome, published dietitian. It’s not you- it’s diet culture. You are beautiful no matter what size! ❤️

  • Dress- #gabbyskye
  • Shoes- #michaelkors
  • Bag- #coach
  • Jewelry- #thebay

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