Robbie Burns Day Newsboy Cap Look

You already know about my hat obsession- I love a hat! This cute newsboy hat gives the “extra” 😉 to an otherwise basic sweater dress outfit. And celebrating Ronnie Burns Day is just fun! If you don’t know- it’s celebration of the life and poetry of Robert Burns, famous Scottish poet. I’m not Scottish but it’s a good excuse to party! With COVID restrictions it’s less of a party these days but here’s what I would wear if I went to a party.

Newsboy hats have Scottish heritage, and they look cute! Hence the nod to Scottish culture. Newsboy hats aren’t necessarily on trend right now but who cares- if you like it, and you makes you feel good, wear it! Here’s a positive part of being in your 40’s- you have already tried many trends in your lifetime and even seen them cycle through a couple times.

I love to add elements that are new to my wardrobe and mix them in with my favourites. Please, don’t be a slave to trends. That can make you look like you are trying too hard to look young. It’s a balance- classics and trends, blending seamlessly. Feeling fresh and current keeps you from looking dated and when you look dated- you look older. In older to be balanced you need both- and you will just look good and ageless.

Now a note on colour. The mustard yellow colour looks great with red or dark hair- caution blondes. It can wash you out or make you appear sallow. I also wear also black tights or leggings with this- I live in Alberta. Bare legs don’t come out until late April!

  • Sweater- #
  • Bag- #calvinklein
  • Booties- #ralphlauren
  • Newsboy- #simons

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