These boots were made for walking

As winter drags on, here in Alberta and it can go on and one…all the way until April, we get lots of wear out of our fall/winter wardrobe. Wearing the same ol’ sweater and jeans- gets old.

Switch it up! Try different combinations of items in your closet. This cozy duster length cardigan is like wearing a blanket- it’s so soft, it’s like wrapping yourself in a hug. It’s quite bulky so under pieces need to be more streamlined- a tshirt turtleneck tucked into high waisted skinny jeans, to not bulk you up unnecessarily. I’m 5’4 and curvy I need to focus on highlighting my smaller parts (waist) in order to create shape and balance.

Let’s talk boots! Weather here is nuts- there’s 3 ft tall windrows, ice in every sidewalk, dirt everywhere from the sanders; it’s a sloppy mess. Save your clothes by busting out your tall boots- leather, that are water proof. Not only does only does it make a basic outfit look more chic, but it’s functionally a better choice. These are classic knee height boots and best with skinny jeans tucked it.

Quick side note on skinny jeans…yes, I hear they have been “cancelled” by GenZ which is fine for them. When you are in your teens or 20’s wearing oversized jeans with flares or Mom jeans; it looks fresh and fun.

When your over 40-proceed with caution. Since I am an actual Mom, hunted vintage shops for oversized men’s 501’s in my teens and have worn flares in the 70’s and again in the 90’s/00’s- I’ve done the trends to death. Not saying I won’t dip my toe in the trend but it will be used sparingly. Trends you have done once or twice in a lifetime can have the opposite effect, instead of looking youthful- fresh and fun, it can age you and looks like your stuck in the wrong decade. This look strikes a nice balance between modern and classic, and most of a look pulled together and chic.

  • Cardigan- #kenar
  • Shirt- #gaze
  • Jeans- #goodamerican
  • Bag- #tedbaker
  • Boots- #ninewest

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