Valentine’s Day Date Night

Celebrating the day of love? I know many people that Valentine’s Day is very important and they put a lot of thought and care into what they’re doing- sitters are booked for the kids, dinner out somewhere fabulous, gifts are perfect for their spouse or partner, and planning outfits to look and feel their best day of if of the utmost importance! I got you girl!

I love a good theme, the idea of celebrating love and pinks and red is great for Valentine’s Day. An ever better idea… wear a contrasting colour that stands out in a crowd. Like this gorgeous satin teal-emerald dress. This beautiful dress is extra, I want you to wear it with confidence, and I hope the weather in your city allows for bare legs and open toed shoes. If not and you live in the arctic tundra, you could alternately pair this with tights and black boots. Still cute!

I bought this to wear for New Year’s Eve, and of course we didn’t end up doing anything as COVID restrictions amplified and my fiancé ended up working so this gorgeous dress has been sitting in my closet for months and it needs some love at least here on Instagram if nothing else. ❤️ celebrating love is never a bad idea!

  • Dress-#chicme
  • Shoes- #calvinklein
  • Bag- #mina

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