5 Tips to shopping at Winners!

Shopping at a large discount department store can be daunting for many people. I have several friends and former clients that would complain they could never find anything at Winners, meanwhile I would walk out every time with a full cart. There is a technique to shopping a store of this nature and here’s my top five tips to make your shopping experience as seamless and easy as possible, check it out!

1. Stay open to opportunity- did you go in looking for a specific item? It can be hard to find certain things at certain times, so you need to stay open to treasures! You will find plenty of things you weren’t looking for, it’s great if you find it at a bargain and you can use it down the line.

2. Grab a cart- Things go quickly and it’s best to snap up an item you’re interested in and put it in your cart and continue to shop. The intention is at the end of your shopping journey to go through your basket items one at a time and evaluate them in comparison to the other things that you selected. Ask yourself, do I have this item already in my closet? Is it unique? And will it add to my wardrobe and function with multiple pieces with in it? If the answer is yes put it back in the cart and take it to the till.

3. Walk the store- in opposite direction than traffic flow- There’s a principal in retail called the invariant right, we are habitualized to enter a store and move clockwise throughout it. Go the opposite direction and it will switch your mind from beta two alpha mode and you will be more open to seeing items that you may have overlooked because you were on auto pilot.

4. Shop mid season for next year- Check out the clearance racks and the discount end caps for deep discount items for next season. They mark down to 70-80% off to clear out items to prepare for next season. Now us great time to grab Christmas overstock, winter coats, boots, sweaters, gloves, touques for next year.

5. Try everything on- I hate trying on clothes. I despise the lighting, mirrors and the whole experience. But you gotta, especially in a discount store, fit is everything. If your clothes are too tight or too loose they can make you look larger than you are. So especially when buying discounted items it’s important to try them on. Only spend money on things that make you look and feel great.

Final note, I would find out from each store when their delivery day is and when the store is fully stocked. I found most winners receive the majority of their inventory on Thursdays in preparation for the weekend. So shopping mid afternoon on a Thursday works great if you have the ability to do so. Happy shopping!

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