50’s/60’s Inspired Valentine’s Day Outfit

I loved the show Mad Men- of course Don Draper was a great reason to watch but I truly loved the fashion! The way women dressed and did their hair and make up- I loved it all! I saw an episode this week and it inspired this look. Have late night cocktails planned for Valentine’s Day? Live in a warmer climate with no snow? Perfect, check this outfit!

This outfit is simple. And simply adorable! A super cute flirty skirt and waist skimming crop top and these super fun embroidered chunk heel- really that’s it!

I would play up the slightly 50’s vibe and wear you hair in a high ponytail that has some soft curl to it. Pop on a bright red lip, cat eye, and lashes and you have a perfect 50’s/60’s inspired outfit!

  • Sweater- #Dex
  • Skirt- #
  • Shoes- #
  • Purse- #ralphlauren

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