Valentine’s Day Drinks after Work

No Valentine this year? No problem! Celebrate GALENTINES instead. Gather your fellow singles after work and celebrate love anyway! Are you grabbing a drink after work? 💕 Need to transition from office to night out? If you’re back working in an office and dress in business attire, here’s an easy way to transition from business to fabulous.

This vivid printed blouse looks great under a black blazer and pencil skirt combo. I like to wear my button up blouses, buttoned all the way up. But that’s a personal preference. Looks great unbuttoned a few as well. And this skirt- is covertly sexy! The full zip up the back is HOT!

When I used to work in an office, I kept a make up bag with a few key items in case I had to get ready after work to go out somewhere. Some concealer, blush, lipstick/glosses, powder, deodorant, perfume, lotion, hairspray, brush and toothpaste/brush. Viola! Fresh!

To switch up your style, ditch the tights, remove crossbody strap off purse, put jewelry on, switch to a fun pair of shoes, and toss the blazer. Do a few make up touch ups, freshen up, spritz on some perfume, and hit the town! Have fun!

  • Blazer- #rachelzoe
  • Shirt- #chicme
  • Skirt- #catherinemalendrino
  • Shoes-Pumps- #ninewest
  • Shoes-Strappy #nina
  • Bag- #tedbaker

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