Valentine’s Date at the Movies

Have you been to the movies since the pandemic hit? I love going the movies ❤️ and sadly I still have not been back. But am planning to-soon! If you have a date planned for the theatre, here’s a cute look to try.

Love the pop of pink on this stripped lightweight sweater. The weather has been unseasonably warm here this month but it’s still winter. This is a great transitional sweater. I would pair with a light weight wool jacket.

Now let’s talk these Good American jeans…wow! I love these jeans. They are like wearing denim spanx! They hold in what needs to be held while hugging every curve.

Pop on a bright pink lip, grab your popcorn snd enjoy the show!

  • Sweater- #femmebydesign
  • Jeans- #goodamerican
  • Purse- #tedbaker
  • Boots- #guess

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