Best Tuesday Ever!

Ok,Ok…maybe the “BEST Tuesday ever” might be a overstatement but I want to have a good day and I believe my thoughts will manifest it. 🧘‍♀️ sooooo here’s to positive thoughts!

You know, I advocate getting dressed each day in something that makes you feel good. I pulled together this cute look as I slowly start to transition away from heavy sweaters to lighter weight sweaters- spring is still 4-ish weeks to 2 months away here in Alberta!

Great outfit to go out in. At night, this cardigan can be worn pulled off one shoulder and tucked in the front. Why would you want to pull off your shoulder? Well, it looks slightly sexy by exposing your neckline without exposing cleavage. And it creates visual interest by wearing a shirt in a slightly different way.

For day, worn as is and hits just below the navel so can be worn with or it without a belt. Looks polished and pulled together!

These jeans are high waisted, the thought of low rise bring stylish again makes me shiver from the PTSD of muffin tops back in da day 😫. I digress- point is, while something may be “in style” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for you or your body type. So think twice about trends, especially any trends you have worn 20 years ago. And the hat- y’all know, a hat makes a bold statement and is fun!

With a fun look like this you are bound to attract many compliments which will increase your self esteem, lifting your spirits and your day will be great! Hoping you have the best Tuesday!

  • Sweater-
  • Jeans- #levis
  • Bag- #coach
  • Boots- #calvinklein
  • Hat- #juicycouture

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