With enough coffee, even a Monday looks good.

I try to see things as optimistically as possible. Even Mondays. I like to see them fresh start, and with enough coffee, I can usually convince myself! And wearing a cute outfit always puts me in a better mood. So grab a cup of coffee and a great outfit, it might help lift your mood too!

Wearing red is also a great mood lifter, it’s a power colour. It’s still winter here so sweaters are still in heavy rotation. Fingers crossed, I can start transitioning to spring in a couple weeks. In the meantime try a layered long cardigan over mom high waisted straight leg jeans with a belt and a fitted turtleneck. Great casual style for Monday. Enjoy your coffee! ☕️

  • Cardigan- #guess
  • Turtleneck- #shein
  • Bag-#tedbaker
  • Jeans- #madewell
  • Boots- #stevemadden

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