2022 Spring Colour Trends

I know, I know – bright colours for spring…ground breaking. But colour is back! The last 2 years have been…in a word, awful, for everyone. I feel the weight of the pandemic lifting and more optimism in general.

From a fashion perspective you will see a sense of optimism reflected in current trends- being playful and fun bold colour palettes. Top colour trends-

  • Fuschia/hot pink
  • Yellow- mellow to bright
  • Bright Reds
  • Kelley and Neon Green
  • Periwinkles and Sky Blue
  • And still going strong caramels/nudes

Here’s the thing about trends- the older I get the more selective I am in wearing trends. Some are just a hard no, especially if it is unflattering to my mid-size. hourglass shape (hello low rise jeans!) or if it’s a trend I have worn in my youth (literally all of 90’s and Y2K trends). I like to look fresh and contemporary but not a slave to overtly trendy looks. Why? Adopting every trend often you wind up looking like you are trying to hard to look young and it has the opposite effect and actually ages you. I like to sprinkle a trend into my wardrobe instead of head to toe

All that said, my top 3 favourite colours trends are pinks, yellows and greens. Here’s a few examples from runway and how I incorporate it into my existing wardrobe.




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