Is good style a power move?

I have a secret weapon in meetings- style. More specifically the confidence I get from a well thought out outfit and how I am perceived without saying a word. I see clothes as an opportunity to connect with people and increase communication. Your appearance and body language represent 60-80% of your communication- also it’s not so much what you say, it how you make people feel while you say it and what your body language conveys. This is powerful- you can put people at ease, increase trust, increase openness all by wearing the right outfit during a meeting.

The key- know your audience. I work in National Sales and connect with a wide range of people each day, with zoom calls business attire has gone by the wayside but as things open up and we connect face to face again, it’s time to SHINE! Dress to impress!

Meeting with a CEO? Dress for that level- depending on sector, match their level of formality. Meeting with marketing? Let your creativity shine with a quirky piece- they will appreciate the artistic nuances of your outfit. And an event with staff? Depends on activity but usually more casual. Look polished from H2T- hair done, makeup, accessories, nails groomed and quality bags/coats. This all works in synergy with your outfit. And as an added bonus, when you put energy into looking polished it increases your self-esteem and confidence and you will be able to command a more powerful presence in meetings which leads to deeper trust and confidence in your abilities. Try it next meeting, you won’t regret it!

  • Shirt- #monteneau
  • Pants-
  • Bag- #coach
  • Shoes- #amazonfashion

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