Green with Envy

I am green with envy- all those beautiful posts from bloggers on Instagram showcasing spring outfits. Meanwhile in Alberta, transitioning to spring wear can take months. It’s challenging- there’s 2 feet of snow on ground and it’s sunny and plus 7. You want to wear spring clothes but white sandals in a snow drift look…well, it looks strange.

Here’s a cute look for coffee meetings, shown with sandals but could easily swap out with booties or flats depending on current level of snow outside. I love leopard pants- these are classic. They add visual interest to an otherwise bland outfit and just make me feel powerful!

  • Shirt- #philosophy
  • Pant- #bananarepublic
  • Purse- #ralphlauren
  • Shoes- #calvinklein

Dreaming of Spring Weather

On Instagram right now all you’ll see is fashion bloggers showing the cutest resortwear and spring wear outfits, here in Alberta, Canada….It’s a bit of a different story. As I gaze into my backyard and see a foot of fresh fallen snow and everything covered in frost I’m dreaming of warmer weather and hopefully it’s coming soon!

In the meantime here’s a cute outfit! This midi skirt is such a flattering cut, it looks great with flats or with a slight heel. A classic denim jacket over a cute Henley bodysuit adds structure and an extra layer of warmth. Topped off with a cute hat! Cmon spring, let’s go!

Best Tuesday Ever!

Ok,Ok…maybe the “BEST Tuesday ever” might be a overstatement but I want to have a good day and I believe my thoughts will manifest it. 🧘‍♀️ sooooo here’s to positive thoughts!

You know, I advocate getting dressed each day in something that makes you feel good. I pulled together this cute look as I slowly start to transition away from heavy sweaters to lighter weight sweaters- spring is still 4-ish weeks to 2 months away here in Alberta!

Great outfit to go out in. At night, this cardigan can be worn pulled off one shoulder and tucked in the front. Why would you want to pull off your shoulder? Well, it looks slightly sexy by exposing your neckline without exposing cleavage. And it creates visual interest by wearing a shirt in a slightly different way.

For day, worn as is and hits just below the navel so can be worn with or it without a belt. Looks polished and pulled together!

These jeans are high waisted, the thought of low rise bring stylish again makes me shiver from the PTSD of muffin tops back in da day 😫. I digress- point is, while something may be “in style” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for you or your body type. So think twice about trends, especially any trends you have worn 20 years ago. And the hat- y’all know, a hat makes a bold statement and is fun!

With a fun look like this you are bound to attract many compliments which will increase your self esteem, lifting your spirits and your day will be great! Hoping you have the best Tuesday!

  • Sweater-
  • Jeans- #levis
  • Bag- #coach
  • Boots- #calvinklein
  • Hat- #juicycouture

With enough coffee, even a Monday looks good.

I try to see things as optimistically as possible. Even Mondays. I like to see them fresh start, and with enough coffee, I can usually convince myself! And wearing a cute outfit always puts me in a better mood. So grab a cup of coffee and a great outfit, it might help lift your mood too!

Wearing red is also a great mood lifter, it’s a power colour. It’s still winter here so sweaters are still in heavy rotation. Fingers crossed, I can start transitioning to spring in a couple weeks. In the meantime try a layered long cardigan over mom high waisted straight leg jeans with a belt and a fitted turtleneck. Great casual style for Monday. Enjoy your coffee! ☕️

  • Cardigan- #guess
  • Turtleneck- #shein
  • Bag-#tedbaker
  • Jeans- #madewell
  • Boots- #stevemadden

Date Night Done Right

Date Night is important for couples, especially parents. That precious time to dedicate to just yourselves is critical to successful relationships. This is another thing the pandemic has robbed from us. As we spent the past 2 years in an anxious state, many of us spent all our time together but couples time was rare.

Claudio and I are focused on bringing romance back! Life is unpredictable and no one is promised tomorrow, so we are devoting time to dating again.

And as a bonus, it gives me an excuse to wear a dress! I LOVE dresses. This was a pandemic purchase- gone unworn, tags on…just chilling in my closet. I have soooooooo many PP (pandemic purchases). I still shopped, usually online all during the last 2 years in the hopes that “when things turn around”. I will have something to wear. Well now is the time! This baby doll dress is cotton and so comfortable, and be can be worn with bare legs and open toe booties as shown. Or tights and closed toe boots if still cold and snowy. Go on a date! Enjoy 🥰

  • Dress- BBDakota
  • Boots- #vincecamuto
  • Bag- #

Business as Un-Usual

As many of us return to offices or back to more professional settings, we need to fill the gaps with some more polished outfits. I work from home but I am in national sales and am starting to meet customers again for meetings.

Many of us have 2+ year old clothes from the office days that no longer fit (it’s ok, many people gained weight over lockdown) time to edit that closet and see what fits, makes you feel good and identify what you can donate. Now – what to wear?

The casualness from “work from home” has seeped into our everyday looks but when you are customer facing I encourage you to step it up. It feels nice to put on real pants and a blouse- it feels normal. Most of us are craving normalcy and simpler times- this helps me.

This peplum blouse with gold detailed buttons is not too stuffy, paired with these comfy pull on straight leg, plaid pants add a hint of elevated professionalism. Classic loafers and a large tote that holds laptop and notebooks pull the look together. I encourage you to get dressed!

  • Blouse-#kendall&kylie
  • Pants- jules&leopld
  • Shoes- #michaelkors
  • Bag- #calvinklein

Sweater Weather Continues

As the cold continues to blast us here in Alberta. I am focused on the positive; I am putting together some cold weather looks and enjoying the last few weeks of sweater weather.

This gorgeous sweater has a knot lowback that is sexy. But in the interest of day time wear I have paired this with a satin cami, high rise jeans, and flats. The flats could easily be swapped out with boots if there’s still snow. Fingers crossed spring is on the way soon!

  • Sweater- #designlab
  • Jeans- #Abercrombie
  • Belt- #kendall&kylie
  • Bag- #toryburch
  • Cami- #icone

Family Day Weekend Style

I love the Family Day long weekend. Not only is it a great holiday but having a long weekend mid- February gives me a glimmer of hope that spring is around the corner! What to wear if you are going to lunch or dinner with the fam? Check this out!

We still are in full winter mode here- so this cute striped, puffed sleeve turtleneck is cozy warm and stylish. I love puffed sleeves- if you are hourglass like me or pear shaped, puffed sleeves are your best friend. They help to balance out wider hips and create symmetry. Also makes your waist look ultra snatched!

With a bold top like this I paired it with simple all black jeans, purse, & bag. If you need to swap boots for flats because of snow- still cute! I would do big hair-either a high messy bun, a headband or big bouncy curls. With the gold accent pieces- some gold hoop earrings would look great with this.

  • Top- #twik
  • Jeans- #goodamerican
  • Purse- #tedbaker
  • Shoes- #lord&taylor

Long Weekend Looks

Why does it seem to take forever to get to the long weekend? With the Family day holiday weekend around the corner, I am building casual and comfortable outfits for the weekend activities.

We still are in full winter mode here in Alberta. Other bloggers are showcasing spring looks, while I would love to…a strappy floral dress and sandals looks ridiculous in -16 and 2 ft of snow! Not to mention the FROSTBITE!

Stay warm and comfortable in this gorgeous, soft oversized cardigan, off the shoulder t-shirt, high waisted jeans, suede boots and bag. This is a great outfit if you carrying a few extra winter pounds, it skims the body and the cardigan creates a longer visual line, the illusion of looking thinner. This outfit is fantastic for a casual lunch out or movies with the family. 💕

  • Sweater- #williamrast
  • T-shirt- #amazon
  • Jeans- #abercrombie
  • Bag- #toryburch
  • Boots- #toms

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is here! It’s the day of love ❤️ My favourite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to be surrounded by my family and my love, have a nice dinner and an evening in. But if you have the opportunity to go out for a nice dinner hope this inspires an outfit for you to try.

This cute pink blazer I got from Amazon during the winter, pairs nicely with a simple black camisole and these high waisted black jeans.

Enjoy your day of ❤️!!

  • Blazer- #faroro
  • Jeans- #goodamerican
  • Purse- #tedbaker
  • Cami- #icone