Blooming Business!

Blooming Business!
Turning 40 to some means cut your hair off, grabbing some mom jeans, and give up on looking good cause your an old hag and life as you know it, is over. Ha! Turning 40 saved me- it was a blessing, a second chance, and a true right of passage to me. It woke me up to a life unlived. I work with cancer patients, life is short and nobody is promised tomorrow, this I know but it took this milestone to get it. 40 was a passage to being authentically me, accepting myself for who I am, challenging myself to face my issues, to grow and to do what I love.

Which is why I am here now…the months leading up to my birthday, I experienced an epiphany. I had spent my life- both personal and professional, putting everyone’s needs ahead of my own, people pleasing and a basic doormat for many. Where did it get me in the first half of my life? Living a life that wasn’t me. On the outside I appeared fine but I wasn’t happy and I did not want my son to see his Mother as a stressed, angry, unfulfilled person. As my marriage crumbled, I was “average” at work ( when normally I strive for excellence), my son was experiencing severe separation anxiety from my years of heavy travel for work….I broke down. I knew something had to change. And that something was me.

I sat down to think about what brought me there most joy in life and what was I good at? I have memory after memory, as early as kindergarten, of giving “make-overs” to my girlfriends; dressing them in my clothes, curling their hair, giving advice on what to wear and seeing their response when the big reveal would happen. Their happiness gave me joy and purpose. As an adult, I am often lucky to be complimented by strangers and friends alike on my outfit, asked how I did my hair, where I got my eyeshadow, etc. I happily meet girlfriends at the mall to check out a new outfit or provide assistance. I am the “go-to” fashion guru…then it hit me. This is what I do best.

Initially, I was scared. What if it doesn’t work? What if I make a fool of myself? Am I too old to embark on this? Then I realized, so what? I am not to old to try, this was my path, it was crystal clear. This is what I love. Helping people see their beauty and develop their style as unique as they are. Many Mom’s my age have been hoodwinked into believing they are too old, all their time belongs to the kids, getting ready for the day is self absorbed. This could not be further from the truth!

Taking care of yourself, getting ready in the morning, and dressing well is an expression of self-love; it is not frivolous or selfish. When you practice self-love, you will feel good about yourself and will affect your day and those around you- a better, happier Mommy. Fashion is a way to share your authentic self and express yourself to the world. When you practice self love, you will exude positivity and the energy will be attracted back to you. This was the message I needed to spread. I want all women to do yourself a favor, take 5 extra minutes- wear that sweater dress today, put on some lipstick , and put your hair up into a bun. Look in the mirror and say “Girl, you look good.” Don’t think your ready for that? Lacking the tools to do that? Or just the basic know-how on putting it all together, with style? Stick with me! I can show you how.

I have grown a lot in the past few months and I am taking a risk with launching my blog and social media platform, but it will never be a failure because I love it and I feel I have a different perspective to share. I need your help to do it! Follow me, subscribe, like my page!

I also do personal Fashion Styling in Alberta, for ladies and gentlemen at affordable prices. I can help with a few items to total wardrobe overhaul. Free consultations and fashion needs assesment. Let your unique style shine through with a polished look that fits, flatters and is all YOU!

I hope to share what I know about looking and feeling great on a budget with fashion, hair and make-up tutorials. It’s never too late, and you are never too old. You deserve it! Didn’t you know…beauty blooms at 40.