From Basic to bangin’!

Plans for a casual outing for Valentine’s Day? This outfit is snuggly and adorable! I know other fashion bloggers are posting transition or spring outfits by now. Sadly in the province of Alberta while it’s been warmer lately, another round of colder weather and snow is coming our way so I will continue to showcase outfits that keep us (who live is colder climates) warm.

You may have noticed I love black-and-white striped shirts. They add a layer of complexity to an otherwise basic outfit. Contrasted with a cotton candy pink oversized cardigan and simple cropped black pants.

This outfit also has a micro theme with in it. Notice all the bows? The shirt ties at the neck in a bow, the ballet inspired flats tie up in a bow and the purse has a tiny bow on it. Unifying a micro theme throughout your outfit brings visual interest and cohesiveness. This helps to elevate the outfit from basic to Bangin’!

  • Sweater- #
  • Shirt- #shein
  • Pants- #bananarepublic
  • Shoes-#lord&taylor
  • Bag- #tedbaker

Valentine’s Date at the Movies

Have you been to the movies since the pandemic hit? I love going the movies ❤️ and sadly I still have not been back. But am planning to-soon! If you have a date planned for the theatre, here’s a cute look to try.

Love the pop of pink on this stripped lightweight sweater. The weather has been unseasonably warm here this month but it’s still winter. This is a great transitional sweater. I would pair with a light weight wool jacket.

Now let’s talk these Good American jeans…wow! I love these jeans. They are like wearing denim spanx! They hold in what needs to be held while hugging every curve.

Pop on a bright pink lip, grab your popcorn snd enjoy the show!

  • Sweater- #femmebydesign
  • Jeans- #goodamerican
  • Purse- #tedbaker
  • Boots- #guess

50’s/60’s Inspired Valentine’s Day Outfit

I loved the show Mad Men- of course Don Draper was a great reason to watch but I truly loved the fashion! The way women dressed and did their hair and make up- I loved it all! I saw an episode this week and it inspired this look. Have late night cocktails planned for Valentine’s Day? Live in a warmer climate with no snow? Perfect, check this outfit!

This outfit is simple. And simply adorable! A super cute flirty skirt and waist skimming crop top and these super fun embroidered chunk heel- really that’s it!

I would play up the slightly 50’s vibe and wear you hair in a high ponytail that has some soft curl to it. Pop on a bright red lip, cat eye, and lashes and you have a perfect 50’s/60’s inspired outfit!

  • Sweater- #Dex
  • Skirt- #
  • Shoes- #
  • Purse- #ralphlauren

Valentine’s Day Drinks after Work

No Valentine this year? No problem! Celebrate GALENTINES instead. Gather your fellow singles after work and celebrate love anyway! Are you grabbing a drink after work? 💕 Need to transition from office to night out? If you’re back working in an office and dress in business attire, here’s an easy way to transition from business to fabulous.

This vivid printed blouse looks great under a black blazer and pencil skirt combo. I like to wear my button up blouses, buttoned all the way up. But that’s a personal preference. Looks great unbuttoned a few as well. And this skirt- is covertly sexy! The full zip up the back is HOT!

When I used to work in an office, I kept a make up bag with a few key items in case I had to get ready after work to go out somewhere. Some concealer, blush, lipstick/glosses, powder, deodorant, perfume, lotion, hairspray, brush and toothpaste/brush. Viola! Fresh!

To switch up your style, ditch the tights, remove crossbody strap off purse, put jewelry on, switch to a fun pair of shoes, and toss the blazer. Do a few make up touch ups, freshen up, spritz on some perfume, and hit the town! Have fun!

  • Blazer- #rachelzoe
  • Shirt- #chicme
  • Skirt- #catherinemalendrino
  • Shoes-Pumps- #ninewest
  • Shoes-Strappy #nina
  • Bag- #tedbaker

Ladies who lunch for Valentine’s Day ❤️

Got lunch plans for Valentine’s Day? Don’t need a ball gown but want a slightly dressed up outfit for the special occasion? Here’s a cold weather option that keeps you warm, cozy and chic. And in the spirit of Valentines Day- a pop of red! ❤️

This is a timeless outfit. I love midi-skirts and knee high boots combo. It’s a very retro-70’s vibe especially when paired with a turtleneck. This snakeskin skirt so soft, made of sweater material. It’s like being wrapped in a blanket.

Go all in on the look- pair with big bouncy curls and a glossy pout. Enjoy your lunch!

  • Skirt- #zara
  • Turtleneck- #h&m
  • Boots- #ninewest
  • Bag- #ralphlauren
  • Belt- #

Ode to Love ❤️

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching- and I love the concept of expressing love and appreciation however, I think you should do that all year round. Nonetheless, Valentines Day is great theme wise to bust out all your pink and red outfits!

This week I am posting all the Valentine’s Day outfits for any occasion- super casual to more dressed up!

First up, this week- ultra casual look, this is perfect for a cozy night in watching a movie. This is my favourite way to celebrate- just casual. A nice plate of pasta, some chocolate, glass of wine, and snuggles on couch with my love ❤️

  • Sweatshirt-
  • Yoga pants-
  • Runners- #puma
  • Bag- #derekalexander

How to not look like a lumberjack in plaid

As much as I love dressing ultra girly girly, I also love a strong juxtaposition with seemingly menswear items and glamming them up. This oversized flannel plaid shirt doesn’t look like much on the floor, but it’s ultra cosy and comfortable for these cold February Sundays and it creates a fun contrast when paired with feminine pieces.

How did not look like a lumberjack when wearing plaid? It comes down to the accessories and what you wear under. This outfit pairs mom jeans with a slight at the waist crop top with the flannel shirt worn open as a layering piece. The belt and heeled boots with the gold detailing help to feminize the look overall and adds some shine and enhanced style to the outfit.

Also when wearing oversized plaid- wearing makeup, hair done and jewelry help to level up the contrast and makes the look pop!

  • Plaid- #blouselogy
  • Shirt- #retrod
  • Jeans- #abercrombie
  • Belt- #kendall&kylie
  • Boots- #calvinklien
  • Purse-#ralphlauren

Date Night Done Right

Planning a night on the town? Struggling to find an outfit that is dressed up but warm? Weather in February in Alberta can be brutal. One minute it’s starting to warm up and you are hoping spring is around the corner- next minute it’s -35 and heaps of snow- ugh!

This textured babydoll dress is the perfect LBD solution- you can go bare legs layer underneath with a cami and tights, some booties, and a beret and you are cozy warm yet adorable. While this all black outfit could be bland- but it has all the elements of style. Because of all the texture, pattern, and shine being all black, works!

  • Dress- #icone
  • Boots- #guess
  • Bag- #ralphlauren
  • Beret- #winners

P.S. Here’s a pro tip to looking “ageless”- mix more “youthful” clothing styles (like a babydoll dress) with timeless pieces like a your bag, shoes and accessories. Throw on a bright red lip with this look for a pop of colour and paint the town red!

Lady in Red

I love the colour red, it’s a power colour. ❤️Feeling blah, throw on a red lip, red sweater and voila- instant mood lift! Of course, Valentines Day is right around the corner so perfect time to wear red!

If you live in a colder climate like me, throw on a poncho like this to bring visual interest to an otherwise boring outfit! Some warm options for mid-Feb is also good as typically it’s very cold still, so cute dresses with strapless shoes are a no go! Sweaters and boots are the name of the game!

This all comfy all black underneath outfit with this buffalo plaid poncho is perfect for a casual dinner, movie or walk. I got my Poncho from Amazon for a steal. And it’s warm and soft- perfect for snuggles!

Bestshe Women’s Stylish Open Front Knitted Poncho Boho Plaid Shawl Wrap Cape Cardigan Sweater

  • Plaid Poncho- #Bestshe
  • Pants- #zara
  • Turtleneck- #lord&taylor
  • Boots- #stevemadden
  • Purse- #ralphlauren