Create a FUN Outfit!

Often times I’m asked- Cassie, where did you get that? That looks awesome, but I could never wear it. Or how do you put outfits together?

Getting dressed and building outfits- let alone a wardrobe, is overwhelming to many people. Many shop one piece at a time, picking things up singularly then confused about what to pair it with when they get home. Let me show you how to create fun outfits and mix single items into your wardrobe to create multiple looks.

When looking for an outfit or creating an outfit it helps to start with context, what is it for: athletic, casual, business casual, business, semi- formal, or formal occasion?

Next, I like to find an inspiration. It could be anything tangible- shoes, bag, top, bottom, accessories, hat etc. or sometimes it’s intangible- I see a picture somewhere in print or online, someone on the street, or even a movie. I like to piece outfits together from different places- this helps to create a unique look they no one will have but me.

If you are just getting started though- window shop mannequins in store, they can be a starting point- note of caution with this method mannequins are usually 6 feet tall and a size 0-2. If you happen to be the same size- great! If not- TRY IT ON. It will look different on a 5’4 size 8. It does give you an idea that is current and fresh though and might be enough to steer you in right direction.

Build around the inspiration piece- I love to pair a quirky piece- the dog sweater below with classics. As a 48 year old professional, I push fashion boundaries more in casual wear, like it or not how people perceive matters in business- best not to appear unhinged and wacky. But I still need to be authentically me so I try to add some fun elements to all outfits.

Lastly finishing pieces-layers. Layers are the easiest way to add visual interest to any outfit. So start with the base pieces, like a top and pants or dress and layer on from there. Add a coat, accessories, hat, bag and shoes. I added some sparkle and layering with the beret.

Focus on texture, pattern, shine, and colour. And try different things- contrast is key- styles, colours, or more formal with casual etc. Like the lug sole boots with a classic crossbody bag and femme sweater creates great contrast. The point is elevate that basic top and jeans. And shop your closet, repurpose items in new ways, I am purposely reusing items from previous post to show how pieces can interact in many styles. Not only is that a more easier on your wallet but environmentally sustainable.

Life is too short to wear boring clothes.

  • Sweater- #cupcakesandcashmere
  • Jeans- #Levis
  • Boots- #stevemadden
  • Bag- #marcjacobs
  • Hat- #winners

Beat those January Blues!

Feeling down this week? Not wanting to get out of bed, shower or get dressed. You are not alone. It’s a real thing.

According researchers the January Blues manifests itself as:

  • feelings of low mood
  • sadness
  • lack of motivation
  • tiredness and low energy

And this week in particular has the highest instances of reported SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder) and depression. There’s limited day light hours, weather is cold and nasty, you likely put on a few extra pounds over the holidays- now nothing fits and any resolutions have fallen off- CUE GUILT AND SHAME SPIRAL. Then as an extra fun bonus- the pandemic continues to layer on uncertainty, lockdowns and divisions. AHHH! What’s a girl to do? Grab a pint of Haggen Das, stay in PJ’s and not get out of bed?

I certainly do not blame anyone for having those feelings because I feel the same. I loathe January, for this reason but I am not going to let it get me down! This is a normal phenomenon, our bodies want to conserve energy and insulate you in winter. Let’s not dwell and punish ourselves for our biology. Here’s a few things I am going to try to get me out of this funk, you might want to try to:

  • Sunlight- Vitamin D is essential to our entire physiology to function and absorb nutrients. Get outside and get some daylight. Even if its just for 10 mins it will recharge you and give you a boost
  • Exercise- this goes hand in hand with sunlight- ideally you get both at the same time by doing an outdoor activity- my favorites are-walking, skating, or skiing
  • Nutrient Dense Whole Foods- a healthy food plan will help reset your hormones. Again- it’s our biology that drives us to want more “fatty and heavy foods” during winter-think bears before hibernation. The holidays were fun but all the over-indulgence results in sugar crashes can cause tiredness and make you crave more food unnecessarily. Eating a wide variety of greens, fruits and grains with Fish with omegas gives you extra vitamin D – the ‘sunshine vitamin’. To be fair- I also detest diet culture that restricts everything then you binge-loathe-repeat cycle is soul crushing. So if after you have fueled yourself with nutrient dense foods and you still want a cookie…eat a cookie and enjoy without guilt.
  • Sleep- I LOVE to sleep. It’s a top priority in life. I have a sleep routine and go to bed early and get up early everyday and on weekends I do everything I can to be able to nap. I truly believe this is why I am often mistaken for 15 years younger than I am. It is my secret weapon! Here’s a great resource to help you with your sleep.
  • Learn something new or pick up a new hobby- it’s no coincidence that I re-launched this blog in January. I knew I struggled to find joy in January. Pick up a book and lean something, start knitting, pick up an old hobby that made you happy…point is do something and expand your neuroplasticity.
  • Last but not least, GET DRESSED- Pick out a cute outfit that’s comfy and fits- try a oversized sweater and comfortable jeans or leggings. Just get out of clothes that are wore out and tired- they will make you feel worn out and tired. Try a fun colour or cozy style like this one below (now is not the time to try and squeeze into any clothes that do not fit). Start your day with intention- look good=feel good.

  • Poncho Sweater- #Chicme
  • Turtleneck- #twik
  • Jeans- #Levis
  • Bag- #coach
  • Boots- #Toms
  • Touque- H&M

Hats off to you!

Let’s celebrate looking and feeling our best. It’s been a shit…year…2 years…who the hell knows at this point; it’s been a LONG time since I felt my best. How about you?

Well, I am tipping my hat off to you ma ‘lady you made it through another day and because you are one of a kind, you deserve to be celebrated and adored. So, I am suggesting a hat- I know, I know many of you think you look ridiculous in hats, I’ve heard it before. You are wrong. Hats create an air of mystery and frivolity- its playful and cute. Honestly, there are so many styles ONE will look great on you and take a humdrum outfit to spectacular in seconds. Pair a hat with a leopard print shoe- and yasssssss, you’ve got an impressionable outfit that makes you feel great and will turn heads!

Hats on ladies, you won’t regret it!

  • Hat- #juicy couture
  • Sweater- #selectedfemme
  • Blazer- #rachelzoe
  • Jeans- #levis
  • Shoes- #katespade
  • Bag- #toryburch
  • Belt- #kendalandkylie

Give January the cold shoulder

Winter has descended upon us- and she’s a bitter bitch. Now that that the fanfare of the holidays are over- its that uncomfortable time of year where resolutions are made and broken within days, it’s freezing outside, you are puffy and bloated from all the Christmas treats, your pants are too tight (“sweatpants are all that fits me”) and you feel- ugh. Gen X ladies don’t give up on looking stylish because you feel blah. Here’s some fashion inspiration for a casual workplace or weekend lunch with the girls.

Layering 2 sweaters works here in Alberta and it adds visual interest to your outfit with elevating a basic sweater and jeans outfit to the next level. These jeans are- THE BEST. If you have not yet tried Good American jeans, I implore you…get a pair. They are spanx in jeans form. They are stretchy in the right places and hold you in others. Just wow- they are a must buy.

  • Hoodie Cardigan Sweater- #icone Size Medium
  • Sweater- #icone Size Medium
  • Jeans- #goodamerican Size 6/28
  • Boots- #toms Size 6.5
  • Bag #toryburch

How Cassie Got Her Groove Back

The road back to the blog has been a long, windy one. Hi, I’m Cassandra- you can call me Cassie or Cass. My previous blog, “Beauty Blooms at 40”, was pure joy. It was geared towards the empowerment of ladies, primarily focused on fashion for those over 40. Yet it was truly inclusive and open to all ages, genders, and sizes. It felt great to express my creativity through the OOTD looks through creative writing. Engaging with a meager following on Instagram was fun and exciting. Not to mention getting to work one on one with clients- helping to overhaul closets, build capsule wardrobes, and help them feel amazing in clothes that fit not only their bodies but their unique vibes and lifestyles. It was a blast!

Then I was going through a divorce and the company I worked for was acquired, my son started playing more competitive hockey…. so life did what life inevitably does- it goes on. And my capacity for the blog/styling for clients was diminished both emotionally and from a time perspective. I took a few years off.

Now I am back baby! I have missed the creative outlet of crafting looks, writing, and self-expression, and of course- THE FASHION. Now as a busy, 48-year-old Mom with a demanding career finding time for hobbies or for self-care is always challenging. And here I am 5 years later in a great place- an awesome teen son, amazing fiancé, good place in my career, and now ready to take on some personal projects. My groove is officially back!

I flirted with the idea of getting back into blogging a couple years ago and…ugh, the COVID pandemic hit. All of my ideas of blogging sadly fell by the wayside- it seemed odd, quite frankly tone-deaf even, to be talking about OOTD’s and style during the early days of the pandemic when everyone’s lives were thrown into chaos and uncertainty. Not to mention, I spent all day in yoga pants and sweatshirts! Who was I to talk about fashion? I still do many days, as the work from home life requires comfort but I am feeling it’s time to dust off the cobwebs and stretch my fashion legs again. Want to join me on a journey back to style?

Let’s talk everyone- especially all you Mamas out there- Gen-Xers and Millennials. I am talking to you! First of all; how are you doing? What are you feeling these days? What are your struggles getting dressed each day? Lacking inspiration? Little COVID weight gain got you down? Do you feel like- what’s the point? Life has shifted to a much more casual approach, does your fashion reflect that? Feeling lost and without a fashion direction? Let’s unpack all of that and create some solutions to help you feel your best.

I am here to help- I will share ageless fashion that is fun and comfortable, for all. I am a proud Mid-Sized Queen who advocates for size inclusion for all- Petite 00’s Queens to our Plus Sized Queens, and everyone in between. No matter what size- I want you to feel like a million bucks in looks that will allow your inner beauty to shine! Let me spark some joy with inspiration that is eternally sassy stylish! Let’s go girls.

Summer Ready! 👒

Nothing says Summer like a straw boater hat! This loose n’ floral dress is sweet and oh so comfy.

This look is very reminiscent to what I would have worn in 90’s. I like to be inspired by looks from the past but don’t want to a) dated- look like I never left the decade b) still dress like a woman in my 40’s not a teenager.

By using a structured bag and classic wedge sandals it matures the look and strikes a balance between the youthfulness of dress and hat.


  • Dress- #Siennasky
  • Bag- #ralphlauren
  • Shoes- #gianna
  • Hat/earrings- #ardene

Bikinis n’ Body Issues for Moms 👙

“I’m not a regular Mom. I’m a cool Mom”. Regina George’s Mom

😉 Just kidding, I am a regular Mom- with the usual imperfections- cellulite, stretch marks, etc..that inevitably follow birthing a child. But who cares! Nobody is perfect, I’m not beating myself up because I do not look like a super model- neither should you.

When you create a stylish look, that fits well, and flatters your figure- there’s no need for a muumuu, “momkini” (wtf is that anyway??) or giant diaper sized bottoms- by trying hide (weight, scars, cellulite, stretch marks- whatever you believe to be your “flaws” to be) behind large clothes, it looks worse. It doesn’t fool anyone.

I gravitate towards swimwear that flatters hourglass figures; like high waisted styles, this one has underwire- bonus! Or with ruffle embellishments on hips- to draw the eye, or solid bottoms with a contrasting top, brings focus to top- all of these flatter my body type. Remember you need to size up in swimwear- I am a 34 DD so tops are a tough to find for me, so it means trying lots of stuff on.


  • Body Glove
  • Reef
  • Shekini

There’s no hiding at the pool/beach, why bother? I am no size 0 and have lots of imperfections but I play to my shape, wear current styles, get a spray tan, ensure my skin is smooth, wear cute sunglasses and then grab a margarita 😎 and enjoy the sun….you can do it too! You are beautiful- find a good bathing suit store than will help you with fit and stop beating yourself up. Enjoy the sun! ☀️

Vacay Days 😎

How I LOVE vacay outfits!! Planning my vacation outfits is one of my favourite parts of the vacation.

I gravitate towards the casual yet totally pulled together looks while on vacation; I also like to be a little extra on vacation. 😁 Dressing feels fun and fresh on vacay.

This will be a casual evening look. Las Vegas can be a little cool at night in April so I am layering this cute striped dress with a long denim shirt/dress. A cute straw hat pulls the outfit together. And simple flat sandals and cute bag complete the look. Only 4 more sleeps and we are off to enjoy the sun ☀️

Outfit details-

  • Dress- Old Navy
  • Shirt- Guess
  • Sandals- Blowfish
  • Bag- Ralph Lauren

Kimono Over

Kimonos aren’t new…been around for ages but it still a super chic way to dress up a basic outfit. This simple white tee and jean skirt is dressed up with this yellow floral kimono.

The light fabric billows a little when you walk which makes this slightly sexy as well. Adding layers to your outfit. Adding layers to your outfits creates visual interest and amps up style. This jean skirt is the perfect length for me, hits just above the knee which is age appropriate.

  • Kimono- Nordstrom Rack
  • Skirt and top- Old Navy
  • Shoes- Sugar- Winners
  • Bag- Karl Lagerfield- Tbe Bay

Yellow is Biggest Colour for Spring 2019

Yellow is in- very in! During New York Fashion week it was easy to see the color yellow was EVERYWHERE on spring 2019 runways– this is where trends start. Take heed and give yellow a try.

There’s a distinction between being overtly “trendy” vs keeping your look fresh by adopting some trends that work for you. And yellow- is a great colour that works for everyone. Yellow shades look great in all shades from bright and bold to muted- pick one that brightens your complexion is the key to making it work for you.

This floral mustard midi dress is perfect for brunettes like me. It provides a nice contrast with my hair and brightens my olive complexion. It is paired with simple 90’s inspired sandals with lucite heels and squared toe and cross body bag.

Dress- re.named- Winners

Shoes- Calvin Klein- Winners

Bag- Marc Jacobs- Holt Renfrew