I’m back baby! Casually Graphic Spring Look

After a long hiatus in fashion blogging, I am back! I missed the creativity and expression through fashion and the creative writing is what I truly love about blogging most. I am dedicated to showcasing affordable looks that are age appropriate- I love sharing my personal style to hopefully inspire you to find yours!Happy to be back 😊

Let’s get to it! Pairing a fun graphic tee tied off centre at the waist to help define waistline with a cotton blend floral pencil skirt is casual, fun, pulled together and comfortable. If a little chilly a jean jacket works great with this as a completer piece.

Let’s talk shoes- I have struggled to transition to wearing mostly flats…the old grey mare ain’t what she used to be. Lol! I used to wear heels EVERYDAY but my back can no longer tolerate that. So if I am standing or walking around- flats it is! But luckily there are amazing options in flats, sandals, and sneakers- so stay tuned for some fun looks with those.

  • Shirt- PST- Nordstrom Rack
  • Skirt- Philosophy- Nordstrom Rack
  • Sandals- Blowfish- Shoe Warehouse
  • Bag- Ralph Lauren The Bay

Flip Floppin’ into Summer 😎

To flip flop or not to flip flop- that is the question? The answer is undoubtedly YES. Some argue, they are not appropriate footwear for anything other than the beach- I disagree, as long as it’s a casual environment, as long as they are clean and in good repair- flip flop to your hearts content! Flip flops are summer essentials and these are super cute Kate Spade ones are appropriate with this casual summer look.

Just please- not to a upscale restaurant, night club, wedding, christening, or any other semi formal and up event.


  • Top- Passport
  • Jeans- Jcrew
  • Flip Flops- Kate Spade
  • Bag- Ralph Lauren

Who wears Short Shorts?!

What says “summer” more than a pair of cutoff denim shorts? The options in creating a cool casual look in cutoffs endless! A simple tshirt and cutoffs are cute but I adore dressing them up abit and having fun with sight lines of short shorts and longer top.

Here’s a few pintrest outfits I love that are completely chic yet casual. I prefer a slightly longer short but the overall look is easy to pull together even likely from your existing wardrobe- Jean shorts, heels tank/tshirt, necklace and complete piece- kimono or blazer. Stay cool 😎

Floral meets Stripes

I love combining patterns- stripes and florals has been done to death but it’s my favourite goto combo. This navy outfit is classic yet contemporary- I plan to wear it to work. Keeping the background the same colour with only a pop of gold in shoes and bag- it allows the outfit to flow and go together.


Pants- jules&leopold

Shirt- #faith&joy

Shoes- #townshoes

Bag- #ralphlauren

Spring has finally SPRUNG! 

It almost passed us by but spring is finally here…just in time for summer! Time to finally bust out the spring clothes. I love cotton clothes, while they can be a tad finicky with wrinkles, shrinkage and little to no give- they are the most breathable and comfy fabric when the heat is on. This pairing of a cotton Eyelet shirt and pinstripe chambray skirt are perfect together; I imagine picnics by a large oak tree in this cute outfit. It’s a great combo for spring 🐣

Business Class

I have some big meetings next week and haven’t posted any work looks lately, so thought I would post an office look fir you gals. This time of year is challenging for business wear- is it winter? Is it spring? Bare legs and flats or tights and boots? Sometimes you need both on the same day!

This simple green (spring) stealth dress is comfortable and polished- I paired it with cute leopard flats for a pop of pattern. But could easier be paired with tights and boots in the event of snow.


  • Dress- #H&M
  • Shoes- #ivankatrump
  • Bag- #karllagerfeld

Is it Spring yet??

I am sooooo ready for spring- this snow can beat it!! In the meantime, I’ll be here plotting and planning my spring looks! This is a more transitional outfit- but requires minimal snow to work. Long sleeves, wool hat say winter- bare shoulders and ballet flats say spring. Perfectly balanced and adorable!


  • Shirt- #nytt
  • Jeans- #jcrew
  • Hat and bag- #ralphlauren
  • Shoes- #lord&taylor

Last Blast of Winter OOTD

Well, nothing says March in Edmonton like SNOW ❄️ and lots of it. So what’s a girl to do when she is dying to dress in new spring looks but has to pull together an outfit for a blizzard instead…well faux fur is a good place to start. I got his cute beige/rose gold jacket at end of season thought I would save it until next year but opportunity knocks tonight! A jacket this bold and with lots of volume requires symmetry- so the outfit is all sleek all black sweater/dress and leggings. A pop of gold on the necklace pairs nicely with the gold piping in the bag. Cute wool hat to top it all off. Perfect winter look for a night out.


  • Faux fur jacket- #carolinabelle
  • Sweater- #cyrus
  • Leggings- #twik
  • Bag- #ralphlauren
  • Boots #ninewest
  • Hat- #ralphlauren

Top 10 Spring 2018 Trends to Try

Spring fashion is all about fun and frivolity; 2018 Spring/Summer does not disappoint. It’s ALL feel good fashion. And thankfully the time of “in” and “out” trends is over. Fashion trends are more fluid- they last longer and evolve rather than becoming completely irrelevant season to season.

As much as many of us would love to dress head to toe in designer clothes- it not feasible for the average gal; watch the trends on the runway- invest in a few quality pieces then find those fun trends at fast fashion outlets like Zara, H&M, Forever 21, etc.

You too can have fun with trends-whether you spend a lot or a little, knowing you get more longevity out of them now provides extra incentive to try new ideas and truly craft your own unique style with what you like, that complements and depicts who you are.


Forget trimming your tree at Christmas you can wear all the trimmings for spring instead. From marabou ripples at Marques’Almeida, feathers at Celine, fringing everywhere at Salvatore Ferragamo and Calvin Klein’s colourful pom-pom dress- trimmings were everywhere and were playful and more over-the-top than ever.


Shades of Sorbet and Gelato hues; pastel may not be the most ground-breaking trend for spring, but it sure is pretty! Shades of lavender, lemon, pistachio and pink were especially popular on the runway for Spring 2018. Lavender lead the way, showing up in ethereal dresses or flashy metallics; proving to be the “It” colour for spring. Still pretty in Pink- ultra-feminine pink ranged in shades from blush to light fuchsia. Yellow- a la mode- lemon sorbet showed up at Hermès and tiers upon tiers of pistachio at Sies Marjan. Layer on multiple pastels- select every pastel you have, try a triple scoop, layer 3 colours for an appealing look. You will look good enough to eat!


If pastels are not your thing, not to worry. Crayon coloured brights are going strong: the new primary colour palette is bold and dynamic. Try contrasting one with the opposite on the colour wheel- it’s a truly powerful statement to make and you will certainly stand out in a crowd. Try the look from head-to-toe as seen at Marni.


Dark denim of the 2000’s is back baby! The Canadian Tuxedo just got an iSO 11 upgrade- polished and tailored denim in jackets to jeans, skirts, and suit separates- dark wash denim reigned supreme in every form. Many designers like Tom Ford, Versus, and Nina Ricci showed their best in dungarees proving…what’s old, is new again.


Feathers, ruching, and sheer fabrics; the classic trench coat has been reimagined. Alexander McQueen showed  metallic-threaded rose embroidery and a raw edge to a tailored under-coat at Céline. Adding that pop of visual interest to such a wardrobe staple feels super fresh and exciting.


You will be going out in your knickers in 2018. Lingerie inspired looks as tops, dresses, skirts were fresh at Dolce & Gabbana and Dior, tempting us to nearly get naked! Slip dresses are still going strong, judging from the spring catwalks, they are more lingerie inspired than actual lingerie- still sexy as hell. From the gorgeous patchwork at Tory Burch to the tulle at Coach; these looks are perfect for evenings out at the club. Pair with more delicate strappy sandals.


I can see right through you- clear plastic ponchos and colourful plastic trench coats to OTK clear boots; plastic items will be popping up everywhere like fresh spring flowers after the rain, as seen at Valentino, Chanel, and Calvin Klein. This is a nod to the plastic looks of the 90’s and the 60’s- the mod-esque style is functional in the wet season but can be a tad sweaty when the sun comes out- enjoy during weather appropriate times.


Another fashion staple has been reimagined; the Fifties vibe pencil skirt is shown with new fringes, metallics, tulle- it incorporates other trends to create one great look. Throw on a pair of kitten heels like at Balenciaga and Hermès- the pencil skirt was at the core of their collection. Let your inner 1950’s sex kitten roar!


Toss the mini skirt aside; next summer you’ll be wearing shorts, ERR-day. Classic preppy shorts, tailored, long walking shorts worn with blazers, to the sexy 1960’s leather pairs at Paco Rabanne, and brace yourselves-ugh- the return of the cycling short. No matter which style you plan to wear come spring, start your squats and lunging now- get those gams ready to hit the street.


Groundbreaking. All “Devil Wears Prada” jokes aside, these big 1960’s style florals are bigger and better than ever thanks to Balenciaga and Marni. Think Grandma’s couch or curtains- over the top, big florals in a variety of colours and retro-inspired prints to breathe fresh air into your wardrobe.

No matter what trend you try, no matter how much you spend- focus on what resonates with you. There’s a look for nearly everyone- whomever you are and whatever you’re into, these top 10 Spring 2018 trends will help you to find distinctive clothes this spring that highlight your best YOU!