These boots were made for walking

As winter drags on, here in Alberta and it can go on and one…all the way until April, we get lots of wear out of our fall/winter wardrobe. Wearing the same ol’ sweater and jeans- gets old.

Switch it up! Try different combinations of items in your closet. This cozy duster length cardigan is like wearing a blanket- it’s so soft, it’s like wrapping yourself in a hug. It’s quite bulky so under pieces need to be more streamlined- a tshirt turtleneck tucked into high waisted skinny jeans, to not bulk you up unnecessarily. I’m 5’4 and curvy I need to focus on highlighting my smaller parts (waist) in order to create shape and balance.

Let’s talk boots! Weather here is nuts- there’s 3 ft tall windrows, ice in every sidewalk, dirt everywhere from the sanders; it’s a sloppy mess. Save your clothes by busting out your tall boots- leather, that are water proof. Not only does only does it make a basic outfit look more chic, but it’s functionally a better choice. These are classic knee height boots and best with skinny jeans tucked it.

Quick side note on skinny jeans…yes, I hear they have been “cancelled” by GenZ which is fine for them. When you are in your teens or 20’s wearing oversized jeans with flares or Mom jeans; it looks fresh and fun.

When your over 40-proceed with caution. Since I am an actual Mom, hunted vintage shops for oversized men’s 501’s in my teens and have worn flares in the 70’s and again in the 90’s/00’s- I’ve done the trends to death. Not saying I won’t dip my toe in the trend but it will be used sparingly. Trends you have done once or twice in a lifetime can have the opposite effect, instead of looking youthful- fresh and fun, it can age you and looks like your stuck in the wrong decade. This look strikes a nice balance between modern and classic, and most of a look pulled together and chic.

  • Cardigan- #kenar
  • Shirt- #gaze
  • Jeans- #goodamerican
  • Bag- #tedbaker
  • Boots- #ninewest

#OOTD Mad 4 Plaid


As the temperature dips, I need to be warm but still look cute! I love a lightweight flannel, cotton tights and boots. Pairing a masculine piece, like the plaid shirt, with feminine looks, like a faux leather mini n’ just slightly over the knee boots, create a balanced look that not overly frilly or manly.

Shirt- #marshalls
Turtleneck- #inc # hudsonsbay
Skirt- #forever21
Tights and crossbody bag- #h&m
Boots- #lolashoetique

OOTD Casual n cool spring look

Need casual clothes inspiration? Looking effortless requires some forethought but easy enough to achieve with standard pieces and a little imagination!  Jeans and sweater combo gets a punch with coordinating glasses, novelty necklace and fun fringe bag adding interest to a ho-hum outfit otherwise.

Sweater- #Marshall’s
Jeans- #Rachelroy- #hudsonsbay
Sunglasses- #aldo
Bag- #stevemadden
Necklace- #ardene
Wedges- #fergie- # Hudsonbay






Dress like a Man…a Gentleman

Women love a well-dressed man, a gentleman. A gentleman is smooth, impeccable manners, polite, intelligent, witty, talented, modest, well dressed, well groomed, and culturally aware. Does that sound like you?

No? Want to cultivate that? Stick with me; I’ve got some ideas to help you accelerate all the way to gentlemen status! OK, let’s assume you have great manners, are exceedingly intelligent, talented etc… but struggle to achieve that sleek and sophisticated, “well dressed” look.

But what does “well dressed” mean? Well, it is most certainly a subjective term and the modern interpretation of style-even in most corporate settings, it is a looser interpretation of old style standards. It can be awfully confusing to some. Learning to dress casual yet distinguished takes a little work but by building a wardrobe that is interchangeable it is relatively easy to do with the right guidance.

First of all, you could be wearing $5000 Hugo Boss suit and if you are un-groomed- you will throw the whole look off. You do not need to go full metro to look good. But please, if you have a beard- GROOM it. Uni-brow, ear or nose hair? Tweeze or have a professional wax or thread them. No one wants to see that.

Get the right haircut, for you face shape- generally speaking the easiest way to look sleek is a short, tidy, modern cut will give the impression that you mean business. Some of you can venture into more artistic interpretations for your hair, but most of you, please, keep it simple.

Let’s take a closer look at your existing closet. Be honest about your life- what do you need day to day? Business? Business casual? Or just some weekend/casual clothes because you wear a uniform all day. Conduct a needs assessment.

I think the most common scenario of the ill-dressed is….you work in a corporate setting and need to dress up every day but only have 2 poorly fitting button ups and 1 pair of dress pants because “you don’t care what you wear to work”. You have a closet full of t shirts and jeans from your University days, that you live in non-work hours. Are you in your 30’s now? Time to grown up and dress like a man. Be brutal and get rid of it. And invest in comfortable modern clothes that you live the majority of your life in.

Generally speaking Toss/Thrift Shop it if  

  • doesn’t fit (and can’t be tailored)
  • has holes in it (aside form distressed jeans bought that way)
  • stains
  • has tags on it and has been in your closet for over a year unworn

Now that you have cleared your plate you are ready to shop! First rule of dressing well- Know thy rules…so you know what rules can be broken. Those of you blessed with a fat wallet, finding great style is relatively easy. For everyone else, we have to work a little harder to find it at more affordable stores. Good style has no price point, but at affordable stores you need to pay particular attention over all look of the piece- the style- and to FIT and FABRIC. Nothing says cheap quite like a poly-blend sweater.

Only buy clothes that are interchangeable….an interchangeable wardrobe is one with fewer specific pieces, but many possible clothing combinations. Look at what’s in your closet and purchase things to bridge the gap between your current wardrobe and your desired wardrobe.

You will need to start with a few building blocks of good style, every man should consider owning for purposes of interchangeability:

  • A dark suit, navy or charcoal. Find the right suit for you and learn to love it. You don’t have to go ultra-tight, European fit but a proper fitting suit looks amazing. Feeling comfortable in a suit is the first step toward feeling comfortable as a gentleman.  If money is no object- Armani and Hugo Boss cuts amazing suits or get a suit custom-made just for you, if you can afford it.
  • Jeans- dark and slim fit is most modern and can be dressed up or down
  • A sport jacket– Tweed/wool for fall/winter and linen/linen blend for spring/summer
  • Five solid or small-patterned light-colored button-down shirts– Here’s where you can express some individual flair in some patterns in shirts. You could wear it with a suit for the most formal business setting imaginable, or you could wear it with jeans. It’ll work for pretty much everything in between, too. Now that’s versatility.
  • Thin knit- solid-colored sweater. Key layering item. Goes with everything.
  • Two pairs (at least) of flat front dress pants. Grey flannel, tan, medium-grey wool, or khaki. A pair of well-fitted chinos or cords is a third option – but these are more casual, so make sure they suit your needs.
  • Two pairs of dress shoes. Walk the walk in the right shoes. When it comes to shoes, splurge on a top-quality pair of wingtips or oxfords Pick your style (brogues, work shoes, dress boots, loafers, saddle shoes, etc.), but have ‘em. This is how you dress up jeans, or dress down nicer outfits. 
  • Accessories- amp up your style. By the BEST quality watch you can afford. Pick up funky colored socks, bold patterned ties (try a bow tie!) and pocket squares. Unique cuff links look great; just try to authentic and congruent to your overall look.

Splurge on quality suits, belts, shoes, pants and watches- save on dress shirt, t-shirts and some pants.

How do you put it all together? Think about a completely neutral, ordinary outfit for a casual man: dark, fitted jeans and a white (or lightly patterned) dress shirt tucked in. But no man’s going to leave the house wearing just those two items. Turns out those choices make a lot of difference. The same jeans and shirt are going to look very different paired with a broad brown belt and brown desert boots than they would with black brogues, a slim black dress belt with a silver buckle, and a silver watch. One outfit is rugged the other is sleek and urban. That’s the power of accent pieces.

You now are on your way to dressing like a gentleman!


Killer Curves! Dressing Hourglass Honeys


Killer Curves! Hourglass honeys celebrate your curves because hourglass is considered the most ideal body type! The different body types that exist, the hourglass has the best proportions – with upper and lower half approximately in line with each other, along with a tiny waist make you one hot mama! This is the body type I know best, as I am an hourglass…that said, it does not come with some challenge but who doesn’t have challenges in dressing?! There are times, where I need to downplay the va-va-va-voom, usually business related, so I will offer some tips in downplaying those curves.

Think you are hourglass? Do you have…
• Full hips and your full bust-line are the same width?
• Defined waist or tiny waist?
• When you gain weight, the fat usually stores evenly throughout your well-proportional curves?
• And your waist should be 8″ to 12″ smaller than your hip and bust.

It is also fair to say, you don’t have to be well endowed to be an hourglass- your body will fit the hourglass dimensions. Yes we all come in different sizes – you can be a skinny, average or curvy hourglass.

How to dress your sex pot body…

• Highlight that tiny waist. Wearing anything that wraps around the smallest part of your waist, this draws attention to this body part can really bring out your perfect proportions
• Skirts! Full circle, tulip, A-line, and pencil skirts flatter because they make your waist even smaller
• You were made for dresses. Wear them as often as you can! Wrap dresses were made for you, as well as most A-line cuts. The skater dresses look great too and just as fabulous in figure hugging sheath dresses and waist defining shirt dresses
• Stick to tailored jackets (preferably with a single breast if you are well endowed) and defined V-necklines
• Wearing your jackets unbuttoned looks slimming and elongating
• A dark colored belt wrapped around the narrowest part of your waist
• Soft fabrics such as knits and drapey silks as well as fabric with a bit of stretch, to really accentuate and complement (flow with) your curves
• V-necks and other deep necklines are great. Your curvy Hourglass body shape needs this slimming neckline- if you got a larger chest
• Scoop neck, Sweetheart and even Bustier tops look best
• If you wear a high neckline pair with long pendant necklace and oblong/V-shaped pendants and earrings
• Bootcut, flare, or even wide leg jeans and pants – they look universally flattering . A slightly flared cut will also help balance out your curves. In general pants that are flat-front, with mid-rise and wide waist-band work best
• Keep walk shorts straight from the thigh down and knee-length, and avoid lengths shorter than this unless you have great gams and youth on your side
• Fabric with a bit of stretch for comfort and a flattering look on your curves
• Go nude! For your heels anyway, in similar as your skintone with cone heel or wedge heel and peep toes look sharp

• Avoid anything boxy such as a straight skirt style as well as overly stiff fabrics
• If you’re well endowed, it’s best to avoid high necklines because the bust needs room and your body type looks best with a lengthened neck
• If you have a muffin top and don’t dare to wear anything fitted around the waist, wear clothes that skim past the area and make sure you add some interest on top and bottom to make your waist look thinner.
• De-emphasize your curvy hips (which often come with an Hourglass body shape), look for tops that extend right on your hipbone. This will help skim over the curves and make you look thinner.
• Avoid shapeless dresses
• Empire waistlines, which generally are flattering can look like they are chocking you if you have a fuller bust
• Skinny jeans caution- go for high waisted to avoid muffin tops and an A-line top or tunic with the skinnys look flattering on you without creating a too-curvy, stubby body frame.

Downplaying your Marilyn Bod = Surrender the waistline
Need to downplay your outer sex kitten? Seeking a more demure look? If you like the look of voluminous tunics and dresses, you’ll be able to wear certain very specific styles. If they’re gently A-line in silhouette, structured in the shoulders with a scooped neckline, fairly short in length, and in soft drapy fabrics, chances are high that they will work.
A word of warning though: voluminous silhouettes can look wide from the side even when they are cut well. Obviously, you’ll look narrower in a waist defining silhouette, there are times when you want to look more carefree and it’s liberating to surrender the waistline from time to time. And when you do, you’ll simply draw attention to other parts of lovely you.



Spring 2014 Top 3 Trends to Try

God willing, spring is just around the corner…while we may be snuggled in sweaters now it’s a good time to add a few fresh pieces to our wardrobe. Now, to be clear, do not be a slave to trends! I hate when I see people head to toe with 4 plus trendy items. To stay fresh (and economical) just add a few new pieces to your existing wardrobe.  Here’s the top 3 trends this season…according to moi anyway!


1. Pretty Pastels- I know…pastels at spring…groundbreaking. But some of the colours are so luxe and gorg, just keep it simple with clean lines for a more sophisticated look.


                                                                                          Prabal Gurung

2. Perfect Pleats- skirts, especially metallic ones look clean and up to date.


                                                                                         Marks and Spencer

3. Boxy, collarless jackets- pair this completer piece with dress, trousers, or jeans.


                                                              BCBG Max Azria, Rebecca Minkoff, Thakoon

Top 3 trends to pack away…
1. Peplum shirts
2. Platform shoes
3. Brightly colored denim

Hey Ballerinas! Rectangle Body Shapes are long and lean.


Are you a ballerina? I bet you’ve been asked that, if you are rectangle body shape. Rejoice in your body, talk about long lines! Guess what MOST women are rectangles (over 40%), the problem with rectangles is when you gain weight your body can take on the appearance of another body type eg. Apple, sometimes it is hard to tell. Measure and look at your shoulder and hip widths to know forsure

How to tell if you are a rectangle? You are well proportioned- waist, hip and shoulder are same width, slim limbs and small hips. You can easily look naturally athletic, a little boyish in frame, and tend to have a regular sized or small bust. Well-endowed rectangles do exist but are not as common- most rectangles with large bust lines are cosmetically enhanced. You are probably the easiest to dress of all the body types.
Defining your waistline, show off your gams and slim arms – your top priority is to create curves!

• Long neck and small chest? Choose higher necklines- shirts with bust ruffles, ruching, etc…
• Bring that sexy back- back! Show off back, arms and shoulders as an alternative to cleavage.
• Larger chest? Try a V-necks, boat necks, button downs, sweetheart necks, scoop necks and wrap tops.
• Medium width belt try blousoning a blouse with a belt to create shape
• Straight sheath dresses and shirt dresses but look equally good in bias cuts.
• Wear a tight pencil skirt to create curves.
• Your body was made for jeans! Especially skinny ones
• Want a more fashion forward look-high-waisted harem pants, slouchy wide-hipped looks that taper at the leg.
• A-line skirts
• If you have a short leg line, add heels and you’re good to go.

• Wear overwhelming styles
• Wear large belts- especially if you are short waisted


Body of the Week- Apple Shaped Beauties

Ladies dressing for your body type means you are highlighting your best assests and taking the focus off other areas that are not your favourite, while creating a body line that is in proportion, which is most pleasing to the eye. Humans desire symmetry- we are genetically programmed to desire it.

Unsure as to what type you have? There are 4 universal types (and many variations of each type) but generally speaking there are 4 main shapes- apple, pear, hourglass, and ruler (banana)- now there are tall, petite, plus size and athletic verisions as well, but let’s focus on the 4 main types for our purposes today. A study of the shapes of over 6,000 women, carried out by researchers at the North Carolina State University circa 2005, found that 46% were banana (rectangular), just over 20% pear, just under 14% apple, and 8% hourglass. Today we are focusing on dressing our lovely apple shaped ladies!

Here are some other characteristics of the apple-shaped body:
•Wide torso
•Broad shoulders
•An average-to-fuller bust
•An undefined waist
•Thinner arms and legs
•A flat bottom
•Hips that are narrower than your bust
•You don’t have to have a very large belly to be apple shaped — it just means that your center of gravity, or your extra weight, resides in your belly area.

Body types are inheritied just like your hair and eye colour and no matter what you do, unless massive amounts of steriods or plastic surgery are involved, you will always the same body type-just larger or smaller versions of it. Each are beautiful in their own right and yes, we all have things we are not overly pleased with, but dressing to suit your shape can bring the focus to the best of you.


– Go bohemian with tops/dresses- just make sure they float away from body under bustline- EMPIRE WAISTLINES my Queen!
– Draw attention to your fab ta-ta’s! Highlight your bust- no need for necklaces or busy patterns- skip the adornments and wear a simple v-neck. plunging necklines, and scoop necks
– GAMS! Ladies you usually posses super smokin legs. Wear minis, shorts and heels
– A shirt or dress that has a tie at the waist will also help add definition to your figure
– Your tops should fall lower than your hip bones
– You can wear a long flowing top that falls below your bottom, like a tunic shirt
– Choose a top with pretty shoulder details, like sequins or flowers
– Bias cut or an A-line, or flatter your figure with a full circle skirt
– Jackets with nipped in waist for structure
– Pants with back pockets- emphasize your booty
– Denim- trouser cut, flared, wide-legs, or boot cut.

– Avoid low rise shorts or pants- only draws attention to belly
– High-cut shirts- turtlenecks are a no go!
– Crop tops
– Thick belts
– Clingy fabrics or boxy fabrics that lack definition
– If doing a skinny jean use a lighter wash or coloured denim to add dimension to legs
– Avoid skirts that are tight around the waist or which fall at your natural waist

Apple Beauties! I picked out a casual weekend look that is affordable and adorbs (under $130 for ALL items!) just for your body shape at #OldNavy and items are from spring line, so should be in a local store near you or on the web….check it out! It works beacuse the skinny pants are army green with back pockets, a sweatshirt with a muted print with a slight scoop neck, that floats away from the body, the jacket provides structure and the dark colour helps to minimize the wasitline. The scarf pulls the eye vertically and a sparkle flat bring texture and shine to the outfit.








A Rose By Any Other Name…

Got the winter blues? Cheer up and try this winter floral, it should brighten your day and the price makes it even sweeter! Spring is just around the corner…






Shirt- #Walmart
Skirt and Shoes- #Forever21
Bag- #Steve Madden
Jewelry- #h&m
Watch- #DKNY