Relaxed Vibes Only

I know “vibes” is an overused term. Most use this term to describe “mood energy” – good or bad moods etc. Which is a basic idea of “vibes”. Science has proven we are all made up of matter (energy) way back in 1905. When two energies interact, they “vibrate in harmony or discord”. Like attracts like. So it could be said that all matter is energy which is vibrating.

When I talk about relaxed vibes- I am talking peaceful, positive and calm vibrations. That is what I put out there and what I hope to attract to me.

Many do not understand the deeper meaning of spiritual vibrations. Just a disclaimer- whatever you believe in, that’s great! I not here to force an agenda- you do you! Just wanted to share the power of positivity.

All that said, I think we can all agree that there are some people who are like bright sunshine when they come into a room and lifts everybody’s moods- these are high vibrations. Conversely, there are those also who can suck the air out of the room with their dark energy and negativity. These are low vibrations. Don’t be that energy vampire!

Believers of spiritual vibrations say that like attracts like – and everything is connected. This means that the frequency at which you are vibrating effects things external to you, attracting more of the same. Higher vibrations have more power than lower.

What works for me when I am in a more negative/lower vibrations to increase vibrations:

  • Mediation- grounding myself with a 5 min meditation.
  • Gratitude journaling- honestly, I used to roll my eyes at this. When you’re in a more dark place, it can be hard to be grateful for anything. If you’re still breathing- you should be grateful for that, and start there. You can build on it and it will open your eyes to more things that you should be grateful for.
  • Breath work- When I’m in an environment of negative energy I focus on slowing my breathing and regulating my stress through breath work. No one knows I am doing it.
  • Pay Attention to your environment- On that note, you can’t always control the environment you’re in if it’s negative. But you can control how you react to it, step away from the stimulus if you can do breath work in the bathroom or set boundaries on what you are willing to listen to. Seek more positive environments whenever you can!
  • Take care of yourself- Self Care Sunday anyone? Obviously, sleep, nutritious homemade food and exercise all contribute to a healthier balance but all the things you “consume”- can charge you or leave you feeling depleted; pay attention to what you watch, read, listen to. There are days where I simply do not watch the news, just because of all the negative energy. Watch a funny movie it show instead. Laughter is the best medicine!
  • Nature- don’t underestimate the power of nature. The sun gives us Vitamin D- essential for our bodily functions. Fresh air and connection back to the earth. Get outside and see how it imporoves your mood.

Lastly, I also believe in being of service to people. Helping others in need, whether you are volunteering, donating, or simply bring kind and holding a door open for someone has positive side effects for YOU and them. You will simply feel better after doing a good deed!

Might as well look cute while you are seeking higher vibrations!

  • Sweater- #icone
  • Leggings- #lululemon
  • Shoes- #Adidas
  • Bag- #tedbaker

Wishing you a relaxed Sunday full of positive vibrations ✌️

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