From Basic to bangin’!

Plans for a casual outing for Valentine’s Day? This outfit is snuggly and adorable! I know other fashion bloggers are posting transition or spring outfits by now. Sadly in the province of Alberta while it’s been warmer lately, another round of colder weather and snow is coming our way so I will continue to showcase outfits that keep us (who live is colder climates) warm.

You may have noticed I love black-and-white striped shirts. They add a layer of complexity to an otherwise basic outfit. Contrasted with a cotton candy pink oversized cardigan and simple cropped black pants.

This outfit also has a micro theme with in it. Notice all the bows? The shirt ties at the neck in a bow, the ballet inspired flats tie up in a bow and the purse has a tiny bow on it. Unifying a micro theme throughout your outfit brings visual interest and cohesiveness. This helps to elevate the outfit from basic to Bangin’!

  • Sweater- #
  • Shirt- #shein
  • Pants- #bananarepublic
  • Shoes-#lord&taylor
  • Bag- #tedbaker

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