Beat those January Blues!

Feeling down this week? Not wanting to get out of bed, shower or get dressed. You are not alone. It’s a real thing.

According researchers the January Blues manifests itself as:

  • feelings of low mood
  • sadness
  • lack of motivation
  • tiredness and low energy

And this week in particular has the highest instances of reported SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder) and depression. There’s limited day light hours, weather is cold and nasty, you likely put on a few extra pounds over the holidays- now nothing fits and any resolutions have fallen off- CUE GUILT AND SHAME SPIRAL. Then as an extra fun bonus- the pandemic continues to layer on uncertainty, lockdowns and divisions. AHHH! What’s a girl to do? Grab a pint of Haggen Das, stay in PJ’s and not get out of bed?

I certainly do not blame anyone for having those feelings because I feel the same. I loathe January, for this reason but I am not going to let it get me down! This is a normal phenomenon, our bodies want to conserve energy and insulate you in winter. Let’s not dwell and punish ourselves for our biology. Here’s a few things I am going to try to get me out of this funk, you might want to try to:

  • Sunlight- Vitamin D is essential to our entire physiology to function and absorb nutrients. Get outside and get some daylight. Even if its just for 10 mins it will recharge you and give you a boost
  • Exercise- this goes hand in hand with sunlight- ideally you get both at the same time by doing an outdoor activity- my favorites are-walking, skating, or skiing
  • Nutrient Dense Whole Foods- a healthy food plan will help reset your hormones. Again- it’s our biology that drives us to want more “fatty and heavy foods” during winter-think bears before hibernation. The holidays were fun but all the over-indulgence results in sugar crashes can cause tiredness and make you crave more food unnecessarily. Eating a wide variety of greens, fruits and grains with Fish with omegas gives you extra vitamin D – the ‘sunshine vitamin’. To be fair- I also detest diet culture that restricts everything then you binge-loathe-repeat cycle is soul crushing. So if after you have fueled yourself with nutrient dense foods and you still want a cookie…eat a cookie and enjoy without guilt.
  • Sleep- I LOVE to sleep. It’s a top priority in life. I have a sleep routine and go to bed early and get up early everyday and on weekends I do everything I can to be able to nap. I truly believe this is why I am often mistaken for 15 years younger than I am. It is my secret weapon! Here’s a great resource to help you with your sleep.
  • Learn something new or pick up a new hobby- it’s no coincidence that I re-launched this blog in January. I knew I struggled to find joy in January. Pick up a book and lean something, start knitting, pick up an old hobby that made you happy…point is do something and expand your neuroplasticity.
  • Last but not least, GET DRESSED- Pick out a cute outfit that’s comfy and fits- try a oversized sweater and comfortable jeans or leggings. Just get out of clothes that are wore out and tired- they will make you feel worn out and tired. Try a fun colour or cozy style like this one below (now is not the time to try and squeeze into any clothes that do not fit). Start your day with intention- look good=feel good.

  • Poncho Sweater- #Chicme
  • Turtleneck- #twik
  • Jeans- #Levis
  • Bag- #coach
  • Boots- #Toms
  • Touque- H&M

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